Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catching up

This week has been so busy that I have neglected my poor little blog. We've been busy in a good sort of way, but still resulted in no blog time.

Last weekend, Audrey and I went to my parent's home to spend a couple of days. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with the family.
Saturday we went to watch my brother, Keith and a friend of his weigh in their fish at a tournament. (Keith is all into the fishing tournament thing). They came in 2nd place. (every time Audrey and I attend one of his weigh-ins he walks away with money...we should get a percentage of that for bringing the luck...don't ya think???)
Just one of many fish Uncle Keith had.

Audrey in Uncle Keith's boat
We took advantage of the gorgeous day by going to the park for a picnic and taking some photos of AK. We followed that up by visiting my grandparents, bringing Blizzards from Dairy Queen for everyone. Audrey spent time petting the cows (yes, we are starting our little country girl out early), picking flowers and entertaining Nana and Pawpaw.

Audrey and Nana

Audrey with Grammy and PawPaw

Audrey walking with PawPaw
Sunday afternoon, after church and a visit to the nursing home, we indulged in another delicious picnic with the family. The weather was beautiful once again. Soon after stuffing our bellies, we had to load up and come back home. Both of us enjoyed the time spent with our loved ones.
Keeley letting Audrey pet "Wendy"

Audrey and Grammy
Aunt Carol, Pawpaw, Uncle Jim, Nana

Yes, Grammy would be the one who gave AK all this sugar...cookies, cupcake...and just look at that mess. But she did have fun :)


Aunt Shirley said...

Enjoyed seeing all the family...Looks like you made their day!!!

Nancy said...

I loved seeing all the family love abound in these pics :)