Thursday, January 14, 2010

34 Weeks

We have now reached 34 weeks. Although it seems like forever that I have been pregnant, the end seems to be quickly approaching. Especially since I have a "to-do" list a mile long.

Apparently I can kiss sleep good-bye. It is hard to get comfortable and the nights that I can get comfortable, insomnia hits me and I can't sleep. And for the record...there is NOTHING good on TV at 3am. (sigh) I guess I am just getting prepared for the "all nighters" I'll be pulling really soon. Although some days I am not comfortable or feeling my best, at least I can say that I am not miserable all the time just yet. I know it is coming. Of course, if I am on my feet alot during the day, I regret it by mid afternoon.

At my last appointment Addison's heart rate was 158. My doctor declared that we would probably have another very active little girl. As long as she is healthy, I'll take active. Audrey already keeps us on our toes and wears us I figure at least we are prepared for an active one :) haha.
We have set Addison's official "birth" day. (and I use the word "official" loosely) I am scheduled for another c-section on February not a Valentines Day baby, and not on my brother's birthday (the 16th). She will have a day all her own...and that is assuming that she doesn't have a different time frame in mind. If I do go into labor before February 15, then she will still be delivered via c-section as planned...just on a different day :) I am hoping and praying that she will hold out until the 15th because that would make the logistics of having help with Audrey much easier.
So please keep us in your prayers as this time quickly approaches. I am going through many emotions and worries right now as the time draws near. It helps to know that I have many prayer warriors out there.
And now for a little info on Miss Addison (according to websites):
Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds and is around 18 inches long. Her fat layers- that regulate her body temperature once she is born- are filling her out making her rounder. Her skin is also smoother than ever. Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Build-a-Bear Trip

While we were visiting family during the Christmas holidays, Aunt Carolyn wanted to take Audrey to Build-a-Bear.

Bela (our cousin) came along to show us what we were to do there. She is apparently a "pro" at that stuff. Audrey adores Bela so it made it that much more fun for her.

When we arrived Audrey got to pick out her animal. That was quite a task since she was overwhelmed by everything in there.

Then she did the "monkey see, monkey do" thing. Everything that Bela did, Audrey followed. It was so adorable.
After putting in the heart and stuffing then "fluffing" her kitten, Audrey picked out a cute little "Tinkerbell" dress for it. Grammy also bought the kitten some "pajamas" to wear at night :)

Bela and Audrey "fluffing" the pets.

Once we had the stuffed animals finished, complete with their very own birth certificate, we all got cookies from the cookie company and watched all the ice skaters at the rink.

Audrey kept asking to go skating. She couldn't quite understand why her 8 month pregnant mommy wouldn't go. She was convinced that "those kids were skating at the North Pole". That is all she talked about for days. I guess there will be an ice skating trip in my future (you know...after Addison arrives!)

What wonderful memories were made that day!

Christmas 2009

This young lady had so much fun this Christmas. Of course, that means that her daddy and mommy did too! She slept late Christmas morning-- (my Christmas present!) so it gave Corey time to get home from the fire station before she walked in to see her "Santa" stuff. Which was a good thing considering "Santa" was bringing one item with him from the fire station ;)

Audrey walked in to find a horse and a trampoline along with tons of other toys under the tree for her from Santa and Mommy and Daddy. As you can see, she really enjoyed her things.

Doesn't she look just precious dressed up as our little princess??!!

After opening gifts and a little while of playing with her things, we loaded the car and headed to Grammy and Granddaddy's house to have Christmas with the rest of our family.

Audrey helped hand out all the gifts to everyone.
Then she enjoyed entertaining everyone with her little shinanigans as well as ripping into her pile of gifts. After opening gifts, she modeled all of her loot.

Audrey in her Dora dress-up outfit.

Sporting her "farm girl" boots. She has to wear these when feeding the chickens and collecting eggs.

And is this not the most adorable coat and had?? (Thanks Johnny & Jaye) She looks like a little model in them.

Then we all had to pose for a few photos...

Pawpaw, Nana and Audrey

Grammy and Audrey

Grammy, Audrey and Granddaddy

Uncle Keith and Audrey

And our little family (next year there will be one more :) )