Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dance Recital 2013

May brings a super busy time in our lives.  One of those activities is the girls' dance recital.  It is so much fun, but oh so stressful for this mommy.
This year was Audrey's 2nd recital and Addison's 1st recital.
We had dress rehearsals most days the week prior to the recital.
The night before, the girls got their hair all rolled up.  Corey, with his brilliant self, suggested putting a stocking on their head so we could keep the curlers from falling out (a problem we had previously).  Worked like a charm!  I had to get pictures of them looking like that because it was just so funny!
Audrey wasn't too thrilled about the rollers and stocking cap.
The theme for the recital was Cinderella.  Both girls had such beautiful costumes.
Audrey really loved her tap dance and costume.  She did fantastic with it!

Addison only had one dance, her ballet, which was "Sing a Little, Dream a Little".  I was so proud of her.  She did such a great job.

Audrey was a "winter fairy" in her ballet dance.  She looked so beautiful and was so graceful.

My girls!
This is Audrey and Addison with their dancing buddies, Sarah and Emily, who are sisters.
Audrey showing off her bravo flowers.  Such a happy girl!
Addison was thrilled to get her bravo flowers, too.
Papa Kenny and Ms. Marianne drove up to watch Audrey and Addison perform.
Grammy and Grandaddy were there to watch them dance, too.
Proud parents of these little dancers!
We are so proud of you, tiny dancer!
Beautiful job, Little Princess!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Little Mermaid

We took the girls to a theatrical performance of The Little Mermaid.  Addison had never been to anything like this so I was a little concerned that her attention span wouldn't last.
However, this production was absolutely amazing and kept all four of us enthralled until the very end. 
After the show, the cast came out and let the kids in the audience take photos with them.  I loved that part.
Without a doubt, the girls just had to have their picture taken with Ariel.
But what shocked me the most was that Audrey insisted she have her picture taken with Prince Eric.
Yikes! Already looking for her prince?!?
Sebastian was my favorite!  He was hilarious!!
And they grabbed photos with several other mermaids. (of course I could only find one to upload)
We loved the show and are looking forward to the next production done by this group!