Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday and Good-Bye

Happy Birthday to Grammy! Her birthday was this past Sunday, but we celebrated last weekend since the whole family could get together.

As you can tell, "someone" was digging into the icing instead of smiling for the camera.

Also, today we say goodbye to Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim. They are returning to the mission field in Guatemala. They have been here for the past year and Audrey has grown to love them dearly. She is going to have a hard time when she goes to visit my family and they are not around. This morning when she woke up Audrey asked where they were and I had to try to explain to her that they were on an airplane going to their "other" house.

We certainly will miss them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Audrey's Big Secret

Look carefully at the shirt!

That's right! Audrey is going to be a big sister. I am due February 20.

Audrey made the "announcement" this past weekend by wearing her shirt when our entire family went out to eat.

I have been very sick (all day long--I want to know who named it "morning sickess"!) and super exhausted. I would really appreciate your prayers on this journey. As many of you know, I have had several problems in past pregnancies, so your prayers would mean so much to me.

Of course, I will keep you all updated with the progress on my blog.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A little of this and a little of that...

Here are some recent photos that I have taken of Audrey...she is such a little mess!
Future basket ball star, maybe? At least she's creative in figuring out a way to slam dunk!
And of course, a tea party with Granddaddy, Grammy and ....what's that?...Uncle Keith too?! Yep, this child can get anybody to do anything with her. Who would've ever thought they'd see these two men having a tea party?

Fashion designer at her best! She picked out this outfit all by herself. (Like I needed to tell you that :) ) But you have to admit, she is adorable!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jumping Beans

Saturday, our friend's daughter had a birthday party at the Fun Factory. This place had several huge "blow up" bouncers for all the kids to play on. We were concerned about Audrey going because all the other girls were 9-10 year olds. But, we decided to go anyway.

When we arrived all the girls were so sweet with Audrey and just took her to do whatever she wanted. AK was a little intimidated, but after a while she figured it out. Most of the big girls hung out on the larger toys, so there was one smaller bouncer that Audrey had mostly to herself. She spent most of the time in it. She had a blast and it wore her out. She didn't want to leave when it was over.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July

For the July 4th weekend, Audrey and I went down to spend a little time with my family. We had fun swimming with our cousins Jeanetta and Bela (or Baywa- as Audrey calls her) and Grammy and Grandaddy. Audrey and Bela spent a lot of time playing together. Audrey really adores her and Bela is so sweet to AK.

Bela, Audrey and Keeley had fun playing in the sandbox.

My dad cooked a delicious meal. The entire family (minus my brother) had a picnic near the pool. (and in the photo below Granddaddy is feeding Audrey chocolate cake and ice cream...can we say spoiled rotten?)

Later that evening, we took Audrey over to Jeanetta & Bela (and Glenn)'s house to watch the fireworks with them and Aunt Carolyn. Audrey thought they were really facinating until the end when they set off the really loud ones.

We had a delightful time.