Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking Back...

Corey and I were talking the other night about how much and how quickly the girls are changing and growing.  So the mommy/photographer in me had to go through my old photos and reminisce for a while.  I had to have a few mommy moments and shed a few tears because this time is going by so quickly.  I love that each day brings something new, but it is bittersweet.  For just a little while I wish I could hit the pause button and keep them little. 

These two angels are my heart and soul.  I am so blessed to be their mommy.

This was Audrey exactly one year ago..........and this is now.  Hasn't she changed so much???  Where did that little baby face go??

This little lovebug is growing and changing everyday.  I can't believe that so much time has flown by.  This is Addison over the last 7 months.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My neighbor and I took the girls and our neighbor's little girl to a park near our house.  The girls enjoyed their time playing on the playground and loved swinging.  Even Addison had fun getting in on the action.  Grammy came up to spend the weekend with us, so she got to enjoy watching the girls play as well as have some adult conversation with us "big kids".  The weather was just perfect for an afternoon at the park.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Addison likes having her picture taken...however, these photos look like she isn't all that happy about it.  Until you hear the story...

Everytime I get my point-and-shoot camera out for pictures a little red light comes on for the 'red-eye feature'. When the light comes on, this is the look that she gives.  As soon as the light goes off, Addison goes back to acting normal again.  It is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  And the look on her face isn't a looks kind of evil.  It still cracks me up, though.

So Much Silliness!!!

These two girls are full of silliness! 
Audrey adores her Aunt Carol.  I'm sure part of the reason why is because she acts like this....

She wasn't posing for pictures.  This is how she always acts.  You can tell that Audrey eats it up.  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birmingham Zoo Trip

 A few weeks ago Corey and I took the girls to the Birmingham Zoo.  We had a wonderful time!

Here are the girls ready to go in.

Corey and Audrey riding the train.

Audrey posing as a lion.

Me and Addison on the train.

Addison was worn out about 3/4 of the way through, so she took a little cat nap. 
While Addison was napping, Audrey and I rode a few rounds on the carousel. 

Then we went to the butterfly garden.  Audrey wanted so badly for a butterfly to land on her pinky (like Fancy Nancy) so she sat very still and waited, and waited...and waited.

Finally, she went in search of one to land on her.

Next, she practiced a little rooster calling.  I'm thinking she might become a professional.  (Is there such a thing?? haha)

Just before we left, she had to play for a while at the splash pad.  

The day was filled with wonderful family moments and memories.  

Addison- 7 months



* weigh 17 lbs. 8 oz. 
* are inches long 26 3/4
* wear mostly 6-9 month clothes, but can still wear some 3-6 months
* will get up on your hands and knees and rock, but no crawling just yet
* still don't take really good naps, just cat nap
* want to be in bed at 8pm, no later and sleep until around 4-5 and wake to eat then sleep for a couple more hours.
* have the cutest little smile
* are usually happy and content, and have learned to entertain yourself ---unless you are sleepy, then you are really ill
* suffered your first sickness during this month (cold/sinus).  You made it 7 months before getting the crud- Yay!
* Like to have your picture made.  When the red light comes on on my camera you get the funniest look on your face.
* think your sister hung the moon.  You just smile and laugh at her all the time.