Friday, July 25, 2008

Deer, Turkey and Elk...OH MY!

On Sunday, the three of us went to the Deer and Turkey Expo in Birmingham. A friend of Corey's came along for the fun. (It was quite a dose of "parenthood" for Cody-Corey's friend- as he spent a lot of time pushing the stroller around for us...ha,ha!- :))

Audrey LOVED all the animals. She thought she needed to pet all the animals (yes- most were dead and mounted, but that didn't matter to her). We laughed because she cackled so much.

Of course she suckered her Daddy into buying her a soft puppy dog pillow to bring home.

It was a great day of fun for all of us.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Children's Hands on Museum

Saturday, after a morning of working at home and trying to keep Audrey entertained, I decided it was much to hot outside; so we headed into town to the Children's Hands on Museum in Tuscaloosa. (If you are ever in town and need a place for the little ones to visit---I highly recommend it!! Great prices and hours of fun!) When we arrived I decided to inquire about membership packages. Taadaa! They had a bargain for 12 months membership for all 3 of us. It also included toddler programs that Audrey could attend each week. Hooray!!
I've been concerned since Audrey isn't in daycare anymore that she would get bored or not have the interaction she needed and desired.'s the perfect solution. (Big smile here :) )

Once I got us signed up, we headed to the lower floor...where the things for her age is located. She had such a fun time. After 30 minutes of "picking the apples and carrots" on the farm and loading them into the wheelbarrow, she be-bopped on over to the music/puppets area where she found out that banging on the drums was awesome. Then the nice tall tower that some stranger guy had built attracted her right to it and she did some demolition. Of course, many apologies were given to the guy...but he thought it was great and continued building tower after tower for Audrey and his little girl to destroy. Awww, what a nice fellow.

Next, we had to check out the beaver room. This room has a lot of critters in aquariums, microscopes to view interesting creatures, a reading center where you can read with tons of stuffed animals (Audrey enjoyed laying on them instead), and a "beaver dam" with a slide on it. (note to self: beaver dam entrance hole is made for little kiddos...not mommy's with big hips---not fun getting stuck there!)

Time flew by while we had fun, but it was soon time to drag ourselves home for a little nap. Whew! I know I was exhausted and Audrey slept well that night.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh! To Sleep Like This...

Last night I walked into Audrey's room to check on her and this is what I found-

The little wiggle worm had both of her legs sticking out of the crib and those fat little thighs were pretty much stuck. She was sleeping so soundly. I had to work her leg out and turn her around. Audrey didn't even move. The only thing I heard was a deep sigh then she went back to snoring. Oh what I would give to sleep like that!

Yes, her bumper pad is on the outside of the crib. She has learned to climb on it and I figured that it was only a matter of days before she would climb out of the crib. It was too cute to just throw in the putting it on the outside was the next best thing.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun with Grammy and Granddaddy

On Monday and Tuesday, Audrey received TONS of spoiling. My mom and dad (aka- Grammy and Granddaddy) came up to keep Audrey and give a little lovin'. It was such a blessing because I had work to complete and Corey is trying to finish one of the houses he is building. THANKS A MILLION GRAMMY AND GRANDDADDY!!!

Audrey of course loved every minute of it. They took her to Woods and Water where she ran up and down the aisles pointing, screaming and laughing at all the mounted animals. That girl loves her some animals, now. They also spent a lot of time outside playing with our dog, Sadie, going for walks, riding in the wagon, and splashing in the pool. That little girl was exhausted (and I'm sure the grandparents were too). But they had many smiles and laughs.

Monday night we enjoyed a dinner at Santa Fe Steakhouse (mmm-good!). The fellowship was good for me as well. I do miss being close to them and sad that Audrey doesn't get to see them all the time. We get together as much as possible...but we all know how the busy schedules are.

Here are a few pictures of the fun times (and yes- my little country girl is running around in just a diaper)---Heck- it's hot in July in Alabama- give a girl a break!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I finally did it!!!

I finally jumped into the wonderful world of blogging. For some time now I have been reading the blogs of several friends, and to be quite honest, many blogs of total strangers. I just enjoyed "getting to know them". Well, after great peer pressure from my friend Diana (just kiddin' "D") I have decided to do this for myself. I have a website up for my daughter, but this one will be for the whole family (if the truth be known- 90% of this will be about AK anyway). So, hang in there with me while I try to get a grip on this whole blogging thing.