Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Playdate

Addison and Zoe Kate had their first "play date"...well, outside the womb anyway. The entire time Diana (aka. Miss D) and I were pregnant the babies would move and kick around the same time each day and if we were around each other it was like the babies knew the other was there and they would have their "exercise time". We laughed about it the entire pregnancy.

Addison & Zoe Kate (Partners in Crime)

So when D and I needed some "mommy/friend time", D loaded up and brought Zoe Kate to our house for their first "play date". And Addison and Zoe Kate finally meet face to face. (FYI--Addison and Zoe Kate were born 10 days apart)

Audrey, Addison & Zoe Kate
Audrey had a blast because she now had 2 real live babies to play with. Addison and Zoe Kate stared at each other, wiggled and kicked and grunted to each other. I wish we could've known what they were saying to each other. I'm sure it would've been interesting. And, of course, D and I snuggled on each of the kiddos and had some mommy talk.

I think the little play date was good for all of us. I can't wait until we can get together again. I think the 3 girls are going to be great friends! Such fun times ahead!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Family---Updated

Meet our "new" little family...the updated version. :)

Heather, Addison, Corey, Audrey

Daddy with his little princesses.

Big sister, Audrey, giving Addison some love.

My sweeties!

Mommy and her girls.

Heather, Addison, and Corey

Mommy and Addison

Addison's first time in the swing.

Addison update

It has been a long week! Of course you can see we were blessed with a sweet little bundle of joy. She has been a doll. Audrey has been the sweetest big sister to Addison. We are so blessed!

All I can say is I am SO glad to be home! So much took place while we were in the hospital.

Grammy came up and stayed with Audrey at our house so that she could visit us in the hospital and continue with her usual routine as much as possible. We were so glad that Grammy could help us out that way. I didn't have to worry about Audrey being taken care of. I knew that she was getting as much spoiling as possible.

At the hospital, they have a "sibling party". They have cupcakes, ice cream, juice, party hats and party favors for the big sister/brother. Audrey enjoyed having the party. All the nurses were so sweet to her and really made her feel special as the "big sister". She has done a fantastic job as the big sister- always giving hugs and kisses to Addison and helping me with the diaper changes and such.

Audrey and Daddy at the sibling party.

Big sister and little sister

Just as we were thinking our discharge from the hospital was growing near, Addison's jaundice levels went up and so did my blood pressure. That happened to me when I delivered Audrey, but it took care of itself. This time it kept me in the hospital the entire week and I went home on BP meds. Addison ended up under photo therapy. That was difficult for me to watch.

Isn't that just pitiful!

Addison and Daddy getting some snuggle time.

In order to get my BP down, Addison was sent to the nursery and I had to try to "sleep". Yeah-right! Once I found out that I wouldn't be going home when we thought I had an emotional breakdown (that is probably an understatement if you ask Corey) and I wanted so badly to hold my 2 girls. I missed them so much. I'm not sure what Corey told the nurses and my mom, but within minutes Addison was in my arms and Audrey was on her way to visit. That, of course, made me feel so much better.

Finally, after BP meds and photo therapy, Addison and I were doing much better and able to be released.

This is Addison in her going home outfit. My Aunt Carolyn made this dress and it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! These pictures don't even do it justice. It just takes my breath away seeing our little sweetie dressed in this exquisite dress.

All buckled in and ready to go home to see her big sister.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy "Birth"day, Addison Brooke!

We would like to introduce you to our newest little princess, Addison Brooke. All of us are so in love with her.
She was born this morning, February 15, 2010, at 8:36 a.m. weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces. She is 19 inches long.

Delivery went very smoothly. Many prayers were answered. Addison has been doing wonderful and we think she is just perfect (of course).
Big sister, Audrey, has done really well with her and seems to be smitten with her. She even did well with seeing mommy in the hospital bed. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better.

Thank you for all of your prayers!
Now you can enjoy a few more photos ('cause I know that is what you were dying for anyway:))
Addison Brooke:
Our "family of 4"

One proud Daddy!

I promise more photos are to come when I can get up and around more.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

38 Weeks

Well, we are on the countdown now. I have been nesting and trying to get everything prepared. As well as trying to spend as much time with Audrey as I can. Not only is she going to have to adjust, but I can tell this will be a huge adjustment for me too. I'm having a hard time figuring out how I am going to love another child as much as I do her. She is truely the light of our lives.

I have been so blessed that this pregnancy has been a fairly easy one. I, of course, am to the miserable stage now where it is difficult to get comfortable and sleep. Swelling continues in my feet and hands, but not enough to be a concern...just enough to be a bother :).

Audrey seems to be getting excited- as excited as possible with the limited understanding as to what is about to happen. I have been talking to her and trying to prepare her for what is to come. Fortunately, Grammy and Granddaddy will be up here to take care of Audrey while Corey and I are at the hosptial, so I have no doubt that she will receive TONS of spoiling.

My c-section is scheduled for the early morning, Monday, February 15. I would really appreciate all your prayers. I am quite nervous and anxious about the procedure.

36 Weeks