Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beautiful Ballerinas

Last week Audrey and Addison began dance lessons.  This is the second year that Audrey has taken dance.  Last year she loved it and did really well.  She couldn't wait for dance to start back this year.
This was Addison's first day of dance.  Last year she would cry every time Audrey had class because she wanted to go in and dance, too.  I knew that since she was old enough this year (barely) that I had to put her in dance, as well.  I can't even describe how excited this child was about classes beginning.  That is all she talked about since the day we got her ballet and tap shoes. 
(sorry about the terrible quality of the photos...had to resort to the camera on my phone.)
Miss Molly Brooke is their teacher.  They are in different classes because of age differences, but the same teacher instructs both classes.  Miss Molly Brooke is FABULOUS with the kids.
Addison went right into her class without ever looking back.  She moved and grooved the entire time trying to imitate everything her teacher did.  I don't think the smile ever left her face.

Audrey was excited too!  She couldn't wait to get back to see Miss Molly Brooke (that was her teacher last year, too).  She was much more confident going into class this time because she knew what to expect.  Her friend from last year, Olivia, was back in class with her.  She looked beautiful as she practiced her dance elements and did great following directions. 
I was so proud of both of these cutie pies!  I'm glad that they both have my love of dance.  Maybe there will be many more years of dance in store for them both. 


Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of Preschool ~ August 2012

This is Audrey's last first day of preschool.  Next year, she will be starting Kindergarten. (sniff, sniff).  This precious child is growing up entirely too quickly.  She has such a beautiful heart and kind spirit. 
She was excited about starting school this year.  Audrey will be going 5 days a week this year. She loves school and enjoys learning.  She told me that she was a bit nervous because she wouldn't know her classmates and teachers. 
This was before going to school.

 Ballerina Ariel had to make an appearance in the photo.


Sweet girl!
She went into her class and was very brave.  She was greeted by her sweet teachers, Ms. Becky and Ms. Amy.  There were lots of fun things out in her classroom for her to do, so she didn't waste much time jumping right into those activities.
Audrey and Ms. Becky
Audrey said she had a wonderful day and has already made some sweet friends.
Addison is only going 2 days a week this year. On the first day of school, when we dropped Audrey off, Addison cried and cried because she didn't want to leave her sissy behind.  She wanted to stay at school, too.  I was certainly hoping that the next day when she was supposed to stay at school, she would still want to stay there. I was concerned because we had several weeks of crying last year when I would leave her at school.
This was my little bit before school.  Where did my baby go??  I think she changes and grows each night after I put her to bed.  Each morning she looks even more grown up than the day before.

When I took Addison into school, I was preparing for some tears.  I was pleasantly surprised.  She walked right into her classroom and never looked back at me.  She gave her teachers, Mrs. Juli and Mrs. Karla, big hugs and off to play she went.  From the sounds of it, I think Addison thinks she is the teacher of that classroom. Can you believe that? haha

As a matter of fact, I think Addison was the only child in her room not crying.  When I picked her up from school, she couldn't stop talking about all the fun things she did that day. I love that she is so excited about school.

Addison with her teacher, Mrs. Juli
I took the opportunity to get a couple of pictures of the girls with me and Corey. 
I do love these 3 people so very much!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Few More Memories...

A few more memories from our time at Grammy and Grandaddy's...
Sunday morning after church.  Me and my sweet girls...

Audrey- our stylish dancer...
...with her kool-aid mustache

Grammy and her girls after church...

Sweet sisters...I do love them so!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Week at Grammy and Grandaddy's (part 2)

More about our wonderful week with Grammy and Grandaddy...
One day during the week, Grammy and I took the girls for a day packed with fun.  We didn't tell them what we had planned, only that there were surprises in store for them.  They were so excited
Our first stop was the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.  We didn't tour the entire museum (I'm not that brave!  I could just see some of that priceless work hitting the floor while my 2 monkeys jumped around- haha).  But we spent a couple of hours in the "ArtWorks" area.  Everything in that section was just for kids.  Audrey and Addison LOVED it.

There were so many fun and interesting things there.  The best part was it was FREE! Addison really liked the lighted table.

Addison, Grammy and Audrey doing a little dance in front of the screen.  I loved how this turned out.

We had loads of fun trying on the masks from different countries.

Audrey wanted to sketch a picture at one of the drawing stations. 

This was the "object" that they were supposed to draw (photo below).  I was totally stunned at how well Audrey drew this.  She paid attention to all the details including how many squares in each area, the phone and even the length of the lady's hair.  It was amazing to see her final product.  Grammy and I were very proud of her!

Addison got a kick out of racing the cars in this table.  You pushed a button to make the cars go and race against each other.  Apparently, the sound was appealing, too, because she would race the cars while putting her ear to the table to "listen" to it.  Silly child!

They also had really neat computer programs the kids could use.  This one would take their photo then allow them to draw and paint on their faces.

Addison and her creation.
Audrey's design.

Addison wanted to do a little sketching, also. 
Once we finished with the museum, we got some bread to feed the ducks and geese.  The girls thought that was just wonderful. Lots of laughter here!

Next on the agenda was lunch at Jason's Deli then a quick stop to take some photos of my 2 beauties at one of the lovely gardens nearby.
I used a little bribery to get good photos...Aunt Carolyn had given the girls money for their birthdays to go to Build-a-Bear and this was the first opportunity we've had to go since then.  Since they did so well with their pictures, Grammy and I brought them here for more fun memories.
It took them forever to pick which animal they wanted.  It is quite overwhelming with all the choices offered.  Addison insisted on one of the most (ahem) "interesting" bears they had.  It did end up cute and she does LOVE it...but it wasn't quite what I was expecting her to choose.

Giving their animals a bath.
Meet Lucy (Addison's bear) and Rainbow (Audrey's rabbit).  They had so much fun!! Thank you, Aunt Carolyn!  And Grammy!  She bought the new pets extra clothes and sunglasses.

Then they spotted the carousel in the mall.  We couldn't end this great day without a ride on it.
By the end we were all exhausted, but had oh-so-much fun!