Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Splashing with Friends

Today we had a fun playdate with our friends, Ms. Abby, Evan, Emmett and our neighbor Mrs. Babs brought her granddaughter, Tabi over to play.  Everyone came to our house for the fun outing.

I made everyone Icee/Snow Cones (a 'must' on such a hot day).  Addison was enjoying her's in the shade.

And we blew bubbles.  Tabi was the queen of the bubbles.

Ball skills were practiced.  Emmett spent lots of time hitting and chasing the ball.  He was quite good!

Then there was lots of swinging and smiling!

The kiddos stayed cool running in the "carwash" that Corey created.  I think this was Evan's favorite thing to do.

You could always find a few monkeys hanging around on the swing set.

Just look at this cutie!!  

Audrey and her buddy, Evan, chilling in the pool.

My girls keeping cool in the pool!


We had such a fun day!  I am looking forward to having everyone over again soon.  The adults enjoyed chatting in the shade while watching these sweet little ones enjoy summertime! 

Another bonus is that it wore the kids slap out so they took really good naps!! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Firefighter Appreciation Day

The place where I work held a Firefighter Appreciation Day the beginning of June.  They had lots of activities for the entire family.  Corey was at work so the girls and I went and enjoyed some of the fun things they had to offer. 

Audrey loved visiting with Sparky the Fire Dog.

Addison was a little apprehensive.  We did get her to sit "near" Sparky.  But when we left and got home, Sparky was all Addison talked about for days.

They had several inflatables for the kids to enjoy.  Audrey and Addison went from one to another for most of the time we were there.  They jumped and went sliding so much they were exhausted by the time we got home.  (Yay for good naps that day!!)

Life Saver Helicopter made a visit and allowed the girls to sit inside and check it out.

Three Sweet Friends (or Partners-in-Crime may be a better description).  My best friend's little girl Zoe Kate came to enjoy the day, too.  Audrey and Addison got some playtime with one of their best buds.

The 3 stooges visiting Smokey the Bear.

We had a great day! The weather was amazing, the activities were fun, and the friends were fantastic.  The free lunch helped make it even better :)

Last Day of Preschool

We are so blessed that the girls are able to go to a fabulous Christian preschool.  We were sad to see the year come to an end.  Audrey and Addison had wonderful teachers and such sweet friends in their classes. 

Addison changed teachers half way through the year because Mrs. Susan had a sweet baby girl.  So, she ended the year with Mrs. Tracey and Mrs. Laura.  She loved them so much.  Her favorite buddies in her class were Mariam (Mair-Mair), Braden and Kennedy.  She spoke of them all the time.

Audrey learned so much this year from her teachers, Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Kelly.  They were so kind and encouraging to her.  Audrey had several great friends in her class because she went to school with them last year, too.  Some of her best buddies this year were: Olivia, Savannah, Ramsi Kate, and Maggie. 

I'm so thankful that they had a fun year full of learning and happy times.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Splash Pad Fun with Friends

Today we went to enjoy some cool entertainment and fun with friends at the splash pad.  I had to take this picture of Addison with her adorable sunglasses.

This was the first time I had put a ponytail in her hair.  She looked so grown up.  :/

We met our friends Evan and Emmett there.  While I lounged in the shade chatting with my friend, Abby, the kids played together.  The Evan and Audrey are close in age and Emmett and Addison are close in age, but they all 4 play well together.  The silly thing about these kids is that with all the sprinklers around, they weren't all that interested in playing in that water.  They collected a little water in their bucket or cups and went elsewhere to play with it.  They also ran around collecting leaves and other "treasures". 

After a bit of playtime, we enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading home.

My sweet girls getting ready for the picnic.  I do love these cutie-patooties!

Happy Birthday, Corey!

While playing "catch-up" with my blog and photos, I realized that I forgot to post several very important events.

The first being Corey's birthday.  His birthday was May 8. The girls and I surprised Corey with a big cookie cake.  He was so happy about the cake and the sweet hugs and cards from his girls.

Audrey and Addison had to help him blow out his candles. 

Happy Birthday, to my handsome hubby! I hope to celebrate you many more years! We love you!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Potty Training Update

I have been very pleasantly surprised!! Addison has really taken to this potty training deal!

Audrey has been such a super helper with it, too.  She helps Addison make it to the potty in time or helps her with clothing or turning on the lights, etc, when I am busy.  Audrey has been a life saver!

We've been at this for a week now and Addison has only had a couple of accidents. 

I've kept her in a t-shirt and panties most of the time to make it easier to get to the bathroom.  When we've been running errands in town, I would put a diaper on her just in case, but still take her to the potty as if she had on panties.  She remained dry every time.   I am so proud of her progress.

She is still sleeping in diapers, of course, but during her awake times, she is going to potty by herself and doing great.  I hope this continues.  And as long as that little M&M keeps her motivated, then I will keep us stocked with them :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Seen and Heard

Today as I was walking through the living room, I see Addison licking on Audrey's little play electronic computer. I told her not to put her mouth on the computer.  Addison, my adorable 2-year-old,  replied "'da umpuder (computer) say use mouf on number".  I walked closer just as she pressed the button again.  The computer actually said "Use the mouse to select a number".  Hahaha! Audrey and I laughed until we cried!  Addison didn't realize why we were laughing, but she kept licking the computer because she now had an audience! Such a funny girl!


Addison's new thing is to hug my leg tightly and say, "Mommy, I wuv you moon back".  Translation:  "Mommy, I love you to the moon and back."

Melt my heart!!!


Conversation between Audrey and me the other night while snugging at bedtime.

AK: Mommy why do you always wear those rings?  (pointing to my wedding/engagement rings)

Me: Because those are the rings that Daddy gave me when we got married.

AK: When will I get those married rings?

Me: One day when you are much older and you find a wonderful guy who loves you and that you want to marry.

AK: Well, I don't know any boys that don't have a mommy, do you?

Me: Well, if a boy marries a girl, she wouldn't be his mommy, she would be his wife.  Like I am your Daddy's wife, not his mommy.

AK: But you cook and clean for him and wash his clothes too, like you do for me and sissy.  And you do 'cause you're our mommy.

(OHHHH boy!  How do I even go there???? Haha!)

So I just answered...

I do all that because I love y'all, not because I am your mommy or a wife. 

(It was the best I could come up with in that "caught-off-guard-but-trying-not-to-laugh" moment. )

I just love these conversations I have with my munchkins!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing Daddy!!  He is such a wonderful father to our girls.  Corey works so hard to provide for us and to make it possible for me to stay home with Audrey and Addison.  No matter how many long hours he has put in, he still has time for piggy back rides, tickles, reading and snuggles with his girls.

It is so apparent that these two girls absolutely adore their daddy. 

I'm so thankful to have him as my partner in raising these two beautiful children.  They are so blessed to have such a wonderful father.  Happy Father's Day, Corey.  We love you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wet and Wonderful Weekend

We spent last weekend at my mom and dad's house (aka Grammy and Grandaddy).  Although we endured rain most of the weekend, we still managed to pack in lots of fun.

While there was a brief break in the rain, we jumped on the golf cart (aka Grammy-wagon) and rode around the farm to look at the cows.  Audrey and Addison LOVE seeing the cows each time we visit. 

They think they are so big climbing on the gates.  I can remember that being something that I loved to do as a little girl, too.

When it was raining, my munchkins were dancing and playing in the rain or taking a walk under their Veggietales umbrella.

The rain showers didn't stop us from enjoying some sweet, juicy watermelon on the very warm days.

We took advantage of the carport and played with bubbles in it.  All of us ended up COVERED in bubble solution.  Baths were a necessity for everyone after this!

When we weren't doing these fun activities, we were visiting Nana at the nursing home or enjoying some good food.  Even though it poured rain the whole time, we still had a wonderful time making memories with our family.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Potty Training: Day 1

Well, I wasn't "officially" planning on starting potty training today, but it just sort of happened.  We were going to be home all day, so I thought putting Addison in big girl panties and giving it a trial run was a good idea.  It went much better than I expected. She only had one accident all day long.

So cute in her little "big girl" panties.

I'm not a mommy that stresses over my kiddo having to be potty trained within a certain time frame. (Well, ok, I will be if she still hasn't got it down pat by kindergarten- Haha).  I encourage it, but they aren't pressured or disciplined because they don't master it "quickly".  So, while we were hanging out and playing at the house, I would just set a timer for every 25 minutes or so.  When the timer went off, Addison knew it was time to potty and she would run to the bathroom and try. 

Her reward was an M&M each time she used the potty.  Grandaddy just gave her a super-cool M&M dispenser this past weekend.  I think it really encouraged her to potty because she thought it was great making her candy come out on her own.

Audrey was a super helper when Addison had to potty, so she would get an M&M, too, for all of her help.  Her assistance made it much easier for mommy :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mommy Confession #217

Usually I post about the fun, happy, beautiful things going on in our lives. And it is so easy to make things seem just honky-dory around here.  But in all honesty, I'm a mommy to a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, a work-at-home mom who's husband works a IT AIN'T EASY!  All that said, here is my confession:

** I really don't want Addison to give up the paci!!!** There, I said it! Why, you ask?? Well, for several reasons...

1) It is just so easy to give it to her when she's whining.  She LOVES that thing.  And when there is drama, fussing, fighting, and crying between the siblings (like there has been of most of the time lately) it just makes me not go insane quite as quickly when I can plug her up with the paa-paa!

2) When she has the paci in her mouth, I know what is in her mouth.  This kid puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!! And I do mean- EVERYTHING!! If the paci isn't in her mouth, then the old cereal off the floor, the bouncy ball, the little Lego, the bug, her shoe, a crayon, paper, a blanket...(I could go on and on) is in her mouth. YUCK!!!

3) I'm the one who has to put up with the screaming and crying when she can't have her paci.  As previously mentioned...Corey is at work a lot, so the time he has to endure the screaming and crying is very limited.  I'm not sure my ears, brain and nerves can handle it. (And poor Audrey will have to suffer too!) All these other folks that keep on about how she "MUST get rid of the paci now" isn't exactly volunteering to take care of her during the breaking process!

4) She's my last baby. Sorry excuse, I know.  But if I am being honest, then I must include this.  She looks so darn cute with the paci. (We do limit her use of it, by the way, to nap/bed time for the most part). And once the paci is gone, then it is one more thing that proves my baby isn't a baby anymore. :( (sniff, sniff)

So, there you have it.  My confession.  However, there is a plan in place to take away the paci for good once Corey comes back from his fishing trip. Because I'm not suffering through it alone. Haha!  So say a prayer that the detachment comes easy.  I'm sure I will post about the Operation: Goodbye Paci soon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A few weeks ago Audrey, Addison and I had the pleasure of attending a fire department awards ceremony where Corey was honored and received a Unit Commendation award.  It was for a rescue that was performed last year, April 27, 2011, the day of the horrific tornadoes.

In true selfless, hero fashion, Corey couldn't see why in the world he was getting this award.  Because in his words he was "just doing his job".  Well, certainly he was doing his job, but most people I know wouldn't voluntarily risk their lives on a daily basis to save another. 

I'm not just saying this because my husband in a firefighter, but I think that our firefighters, police officers, and military should be recognized, awarded and commended much more than they receive now.  However, if one was to ask them, I'm sure their response would be that similar to the one Corey gave- "I was just doing my job". 

I'm very proud of my husband and his fellow firefighters who don't think twice about taking the risk to help another person.

Congratulations, Corey! Your award is well deserved! I'm so proud of you!

This is Patrick one of Corey's co-workers and good friend. (and partner-in-crime, if truth be told!)

The girls were, as always, so proud of their daddy.  They were thrilled to get to see him receive such an honor.