Monday, April 26, 2010

Audrey's 3rd Birthday

Audrey's 3rd birth'day' actually lasted for 3 days!! She was so excited this year about her birthday. We ordered the cake 2 weeks in advance and every day after that she asked when we were going to eat her birthday cake and have her party. Bless her heart, she just didn't quite grasp that time concept. But after lots of explanations and patience...we finally made it to her birthday---April 23.

We started the morning off with birthday muffins (blueberry muffins with a candle in it). We sang happy birthday and let her blow out her candle. Then she got to open one gift (since her party wasn't until the next day).

That afternoon Grammy and I took Audrey to 'All Fired Up'- a pottery place- to make her birthday plate. I started this when she was 1 year old and have continued it as a tradition every birthday. The plate has her hand and foot prints on it as well as the # birthday and year. Just a sweet keepsake for mommy :)

By this time I was watching the weather every 5 minutes hoping and praying that the predicted "horrible storms" for Saturday (party day) would miraculously disappear. Well, the prediction continued to look grim. So we decided 'just in case' we have to postpone the party, we would let Audrey play with the gift that Grammy got for her---a huge moon walk!! Fortunately, it would fit in our garage so we inflated it and let her have a blast.

After, Saturday morning's weather forecast and much debating with Corey and Grammy, we decided to postpone the party until Sunday. Audrey wasn't exactly happy about it...but was a big girl and went along with the plans.

Fortunately, Grammy bought some mini-cupcakes for Audrey when she came up, so we satisfied Audrey's plea for birthday cake with one of those. We lit a candle (again) and sang Happy Birthday song (again). That made it all okay for a while.

Sunday morning brought beautiful weather for Audrey's 3rd Birthday party. We had a great turn out with many special friends and family members. Audrey had a wonderful time eating her cake (finally) and opening her presents. She received many fun things. are a few photos of the wonderful time-

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Addison- 2 months

My sweet Addison. You turned 2 months old on April 15. I wish I could just make time stand still for a while so I could enjoy you at this age a little longer. I love holding you and snuggling with you. It melts my heart to look down at your face and see that precious smile.

Here are some things I want to remember about you.
* You now weigh 12 lbs. 1 oz.
* You are 22.5 inches long
* You REALLY didn't like your 2 months shots. You cried for a LONG time afterwards (so did mommy) then you sounded like a little puppy whining--so pitiful.
* Most of the time you are so calm and content. You hardly ever cry.
* You have started going to sleep much easier at night.
* You are sleeping through the night now (you stared that at about 6 weeks old). You go to bed around 9;30 or 10:00 pm and sleep until 6 a.m. YAY!!
* You have started smiling at us when we talk to you. Such a precious sight.
* You are still in size 1 diapers...but probably not for much longer.
* You have the most adorable little fat rolls on your thighs.
* You are wearing size 0-3 month clothes- but can fit in some 3-6 month clothes too.
* You enjoy watching your big sister run around and play.
* You want so badly to sit up so you can watch everything around you.
* You like sitting in your bouncy seat watching the animals and waterfall or swinging in your swing staring at the mobile.
* You still hate tummy time, but have learned to hold your head up really well.

Addison, you are such a sweet baby. We are enjoying every day with you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seen and Heard

The other day while I was cooking supper, Addison began to get fussy when she was in her swing. So, I asked Audrey if she would please go give Addison her paci. Audrey agreed and kindly stuffed Addison's paci into her mouth. Two minutes later Addison began crying again and Audrey raced over to Addison. Audrey put her hands on her hips and said to Addison- "Honey, What's the problem? I just gave you your paci.". Then she stuffed the paci back into Addison's mouth and ran off to the other room to play.


We were going to have leftovers for supper and I asked Audrey if she wanted spaghetti or beef tips and rice. She thinks for a minute then looks at me and says, "ummm- I'm gonna want Q-tips and rice".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Garden

This year we decided to try our hand at planting a garden (again). Neither one of us have green thumbs, so keeping the plants alive is quite a challenge :)

So Audrey and Corey worked very hard at getting all of our things planted.

Audrey is Daddy's big helper!

And Addison, supervised!

Of course, I took pictures to document all the action :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Tinkerbell

This girl LOVES to dress up! (You know, when she isn't fishing with her jeans and boots on like daddy) And when she does dress up, it usually ends up in a very creative outfit like the one above. I must mention that she has 5...that's right 5 layers of clothes on in this photo. Who knows, she may be a fashion designer one day! I'm probably the one with no fashion sense...right? Seriously, can it get any cuter than this??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Addison- 7 Weeks

This is my precious Addison at 7 weeks old. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. I just wanted to share this adorable face with the rest of you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter 2010 was spent back home with my family. The Easter bunny found his way to Grammy and Granddaddy's house since that is where Audrey and Addison were. He brought them all kind of goodies.

Audrey loved digging in her Easter basket. She was more excited about the candy instead of the toys and clothes.

Addison was a little too sleepy to get excited about her Easter basket, so Audrey gladly went through her basket too.

After church we enjoyed a family picnic. Corey was off work so he was able to come down and join us along with Granddaddy, Grammy, Uncle Keith, Nana and Pawpaw. Cousin Keeley wasn't feeling well that day so she couldn't come. And we certainly missed Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim's presence this year.

Audrey found TONS of eggs. And was thrilled to find that there were several "golden"eggs too.

She had to look high and low for her eggs.

And once again, Addison caught a few snoozes during the picnic.

But she did wake up long enough to find a "golden" egg with Granddaddy. :)

And this is my family on Easter morning. I am so blessed!

Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter we went to an Easter Egg Hunt hosted by my mom's church. Audrey had such a fantastic time finding the eggs.

Audrey counting her loot.
And as you can tell, Addison couldn't care less about those eggs and candy. She was snoozing.
Following the egg hunt, the kids hung around and played together. One kind father blew bubbles for a lot of the kids. They had a blast chasing each other around and popping bubbles.

That evening Audrey dyed Easter eggs at Grammy and Granddaddy's house. She did a wonderful job. Once they dried she even painted them with glitter paint. I think she really enjoyed herself. I was impressed how cautious she was not to make a huge mess.

Audrey and Addison- Easter 2010

Well, I am FINALLY getting around to posting some updates and photos on my blog, so be prepared to sit and read a while :)

These are my girls in their beautiful Easter dresses. I'm so in love with these two darlings!

Audrey is such a wonderful big sister. She constantly wants to "pet" Addison and give her hugs and kisses.