Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas day we enjoyed family time, eating LOTS of food and opening gifts. My grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and cousins came over to spend time with us. Once again Audrey had a delightful time opening her presents as well as helping everyone else. She loved getting spoiled from all our family members.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008- A Perfect Day...well Almost!

Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve morning since Corey had to work on Christmas Day. Audrey was stunned and thrilled at the sight of all the toys. She enjoyed ripping into all the gifts and throwing paper everywhere. Corey and I had a blast just watching the look of joy and wonder on her face.

After enjoying each other and playing with the toys all morning. Audrey headed to bed for a nap while Corey and I loaded the car. Audrey and I were going to my mom's for Christmas while we left Corey behind to "save lives and property".

We hit the road with a overly-packed car (you know all the stuff you have to take when you have a a dog, food, presents, etc...) and were on our merry way....that is until the "low tire pressure" indicator came on in my car while we were dashing down the interstate. Of course were were by ourselves, and of course it was raining 'cats and dogs' at the time. Fortunately we were close to the Clanton exit and we pulled off at a gas station where I jumped out to find that my tire was indeed low and coninuing to flatten at a rapid rate.
I called my dad and he rushed to our rescue. I was determined to make the best of a bad circumstance, so Audrey and I went into the station and stocked up on some highly nutritious snacks to enjoy while we waited for my dad.

We sat in the car together and sang Christmas carols to pass the time. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long before Grandaddy showed up and had the tire changed in a snap. *(oh, FYI---I had a Sawz-All blade in my tire---now who left that laying in the road...gee thanks!)

After the flat tire ordeal, we finally arrived at my parent's house only to load back up and head to my dad's family Christmas. We had lots of fun visiting with family and Audrey got lots of wonderful gifts. She has really enjoyed them.

We headed back to my parent's late that night and had to finish up some things to prepare for Christmas morning.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let the Parties Begin~!

Last weekend we traveled back "home" to attend the 'Dozier' Christmas Party. We play Dirty Santa and enjoy a variety of soups and desserts...delish! It is always a fun time, and especially this year with Audrey being our entertainment. I really appreciated my family allowing her to 'pick' their Dirty Santa gift and open it for them. She truly enjoyed herself. A few cousins even built block towers for her to destroy...over, and over, and over again! Such fun!
Mommy's little present!
I'll do that for you :)
Helping Susanne open her gift.
Of course, Granddaddy will let me have that!
My new buddy, Susanne.
1...2...3..knock it down.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Deck the Halls

Shame on me...I totally forgot to post these photos of Audrey "helping" with the tree decorations. This year we opted for "shatterproof" ornaments instead of our usual (breakable) ones. Boy, I am so glad I did! Audrey enjoys 'un'decorating the tree most days and finds it quite entertaining when we have to help her re-hang the ornaments. It sure does make for some wonderful memories though. think I can untangle this mess?
Assisting daddy with the ornaments.
I can do it!
Look what a great job I did!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Great Christmas Read

I LOOOOOVVVVVEEE to read. Around the holidays I enjoy a great Christmas book. This book is a quick read but reminds you of how blessed you are and what Christmas spirit is all about. Enjoy!

The Paperbag Christmas by Kevin Alan Milne

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus...

I was seriously doubtful that we would get this little beauty to sit upon the knee of the "big man in red"...but she did it!!! Santa was so kind and loving toward her. She was a little skeptical at first, but warmed up to his gentleness. And he even knew she wanted a baby doll and a pink 4-wheeler. I hope those are under the tree for her ;)

And on the same day we took some family photos. Audrey was a trooper through it all.

(That is Corey's hand she is holding---ahhh melt my heart!)

I'm saving the rest of the photos so the family will be suprised...but I will post them later.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

This past Friday, December 5, was mine and Corey's 10th wedding anniversary. Whew! 10 long amazing years. I'd marry that sweet man all over again!

We left Audrey with the babysitter and headed out on a date! It was so nice to just have some quality time with each other. We ate at the Cypress Inn on the river then watched a movie- "Four Christmases". If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! My jaws and sides hurt from laughing so much. It was a nice, desperately needed night out.
Thank you, sweet hubby, for 10 wonderful years! I look forward to many more with you.

Every year the first of December, my mother heads up a Christmas party at a local nursing home. The members of her church purchase a gift for each of the residents there. They are also entertained by singing Christmas carols, usually by a group of children. This year was no different.
My cousin Vicky, who directs the little children's choir at their church, brought her group to perform. She so kindly invited Audrey to perform with them. I didn't think that Audrey would go for it since it was in front of a large crowd, but boy was I wrong. I could've kicked myself for not having my video camera. She put on a show with her dancing. She even tried to imitate the movements to the songs. When she'd get tired she would go sit in Vicky's lap then jump right back up for more action. (Thanks Vicky for helping make those memories!)
Audrey had to make sure they were doing the correct thing. (actually I think she was just pestering)

Of course at the party there had to be food! My delightful Uncle Jim made sure that Audrey got her share of chocolate cookies! Thank you! :)

Vicky's beautiful daughter "M" helped Audrey deliver gifts to the residents.

Saturday night we took Audrey to the Bass Pro Shop. They had a "Christmas" section that was supposed to have lots of activities for kids. They had several things but most of it was too advanced for Audrey. However, she found lots of things to entertain her. Needlesss to say she had lots of fun.

I think she is putting one of these on her wish list to Santa.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Sweet" moments with my daughter

Audrey and I spent the evening baking cookies. Now, I'm no Betty Crocker by any stretch of the imagination...but thanks to

I can make some decent cookies. And see---it says homemade on the box...doesn't that count?

After donning her hat and apron, Audrey set to work giving each cookie her special touch.

Then we waited...and waited.

And of course enjoyed some of these delicious cookies,mmmmm...., as well as some special moments with my daughter.

Isn't she the cutest "cook" you've ever seen?
(for the record, yes we made chocolate chip cookies too!)