Friday, July 27, 2012

Paci, Diapers: Mission Complete!!

Oh happy day!! This momma is doing the happy dance because we said good-bye to the paci and diapers (except bedtime).  Ok, so I have shed a few tears over these huge milestones because it means that my baby is growing up.  But I am happy that I don't have to keep up with pacies and pay a fortune for diapers! 


Beginning in June, I started encouraging Addison to use her little potty.  When we were at home, I would leave her in a shirt and big girl panties.  She only had 2 or 3 accidents and realized that she wasn't all that fond of being wet, so she started telling me she had to potty or just going on her own with Audrey's assistance.  I couldn't believe how quickly she caught on!  My first trail with potty training Audrey was so frustrating and took FOREVER...but Addison caught on quickly and was a happy girl to get to wear big girl panties like her sister.

Now the paci...that is a whole different story!  This girl L.O.V.E.D her a paci!  I'm pretty sure it bordered on an addiction problem. haha.  I was so tired of having to keep up with pacies and fetch them all the time.  So I began snipping the end of the pacies a little bit.  The first night I did it was TORTURE!! Corey was at work and Addison screamed and cried about her "broke" paci for hours.  I refused to give in, though.  The next night went a little better.  I left the pacies that length for several nights, then snipped them again.  This went on for about 3 weeks getting shorter and shorter.  I noticed that she wasn't fond of them as much anymore.  So one night I just hid the paci to see if she would request it at bedtime.  She didn't!  So from that point on, I made them disappear.  About a week after the paci "disappeared" she asked about it.  I told her it was broken and in the trash and she was too old for it. 

Now I will say that I have kicked myself more than once for saying good-bye to the paci because since the paci went away, my child who was a great sleeper REFUSES to sleep- nap or bedtime.  (sign)  Hopefully, one day that will pass and she will learn to love sleep again...because her mommy certainly does!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Fishies

My parents finally got their pool ready for swimming and my girls were sooo happy about it.  They swam for hours all over that pool and loved it.

Audrey got very brave and swam without her floaties.  She did go under a time or two, but didn't panic. She just popped back up and swam to the side.  This is a huge step because last year she didn't even want her face or head to get in the water.

Both girls jumped off the side of the pool to us.

They were like little fish. Both of them are already asking to go back to Grammy and Grandaddy's so they can swim again. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My 15-year Class Reunion

Last weekend, I had my 15-year high school class reunion.  It is hard to believe that 15 years has passed. I was so excited about getting together with my fabulous classmates, many of whom I had not seen since graduation.  Many of our classmates couldn't attend, but we still had a good turn-out.  It was so much fun seeing everyone again and meeting their spouses and children.

Our classmates with spouses and children.
This was our classmates from the Holtville High School Class of 1997.  We also invited some of the people who didn't graduate with us, but went through many, many years of school with us.  They will always be part of our "family". 

Pictured L to R:  Front- Jennifer Hicks Guy, Sabrina Parrish Woodall, Heather Thomas, Summer Cripple, Jennifer Peppers, Michelle Shumake Hatchett, Kathi Lockhart Mann, Erica Franco McGhee.
Back Row- Jeremy Barfoot, Danny Poole, Chris Guy, Heath Reese, Wes Smith, Matt Barrett, Jeremy Logan.

We had this awesome cake.  So cute!  The green/white and bulldog brought back so many memories.

 My best friend from high school, Summer Cripple.  Some friends you can be apart from for a long time, but when you see each other it is like time never passed.  It is like this with us.  We've been friends through the good, bad and ugly.  And we still love each other dearly.  I know I can always count on her.

Chatting with some great friends.  Our class was very close and enjoyed making memories together.

My beautiful daughters came with me.  They were so good and enjoyed meeting new friends.

Unfortunately, we lost 2 classmates much too young.  We had a memory table set up for them. 

More visiting and laughter.

The girls found them a buddy.

I had such a wonderful time visiting with my friends from high school.  I'm so glad that we were able to pull this reunion together.  I'm already looking forward to our next gathering. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Fun!

Oh Sweet Summertime!  I do love you.  No, I'm not all that fond of the 108 degree humid days that you've been providing the last few weeks, but there are other things that I do love...

...Like watching my girlies turn a rainbow of colors as their Popsicles melt all over them...

...and laughter and splashing in the pool...

...and baths in the water hose, supper on the back porch, roasting marshmallows...

...lazy mornings in our pjs, messy hair... cold, yummy watermelon...

later bedtimes (ok...well, the girls like this part), outside art time, playdates with friends...

and lots of love and laughter from my 2 favorite girls!

There is lots to love about summer!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goodbye, Boots

After a year of fun and laughter and chewed up toys and wreaking havoc on everything and everybody within our 5 acre lot, we said goodbye to our pet, Boots.

 Oh, he was a cute one, that Boots!  He had those innocent eyes that begged for forgiveness after he chewed up yet another toy/shoe/bucket/broom/tire/plant... for the 587th time that week.

The girls loved the idea of having him around, but didn't want to play much with him because he would jump and knock them down or chew on their legs or nip at their hair.  But on the other hand he would just lay there while the girls dumped sand and water on him or sat on him. 

We could no longer have grass or plants or, well....anything outside unless he was in his kennel or had his muzzle on.

But, he was cute.  And he did save Addison from taking a terrible fall down our big hill.  And saved me from a snake.  That would be ALMOST enough to keep him, but we really wanted to have riding toys and our vehicles outside without worrying about him chewing the tires off.

As adorable as he is, he was just too rowdy for 2 petite little girls.

So, we found a new home for him.  A 15-year-old boy with lots of energy who fell in love with Boots.  They were a match made in heaven.

Now, Boots is so very happy at his new home and things are much more peaceful at my house.  Sadie (our 13-year-old lab) is so thankful to get to lay around all day without little Boots harassing her. 

We do miss Bootsie at times.  But we have assured the girls that we will, one day, get them another doggie that is hopefully much less rambunctious and isn't quite as fond of chewing up everything.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Playdate with Zoe Kate

This past weekend we met up with our friends, Mrs. D and Zoe Kate, for some fun at our local Children's Hands on Museum.  That is such a fun (and air conditioned- haha) place for the kids to play. My girls always have a great time there.  We have a membership and visit often. 

The kids made "fish bowls" with hand cutouts and decorated them at the art area.

Then the 3 musketeers had to pile up in the wooden wagon for some silliness.

Addison and Zoe Kate served up some wonderful "ice cream" for the rest to enjoy.

Audrey enjoyed her specially made sundae :) She was also in charge of taking orders and payments.

They spent their time doing other things, as well, but I was too busy playing with them or keeping up with them to take more photos. 

After a couple of hours at the museum we went across the street to Mellow Mushroom for a yummy lunch. 

We can't wait for another play date with our Partners-In-Crime again soon!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day~2012!

We had such a wonderful Independence Day! We didn't have anything big planned, just spent the day together as a little family.  It was great to be able to just relax and have a good time.

We spent the morning drawing and painting with sidewalk chalk/paint and playing in the water hose.  After lunch and a nap, we all went outside for some splashing in our little pool.  Then Corey fired up the grill and cooked hot dogs.  The girls wanted to eat outside and that sounded like a great idea!  I made a strawberry/blueberry shortcake for dessert.

After our meal, we did a few "fireworks".  The girls are not fans of loud, big fireworks so we opted for the sparklers and party poppers.

Audrey was finally old enough and brave enough to hold the sparkler on her own (with much supervision).  She had a blast.  So much so, that Corey had to go back and get more sparklers for her to use.  This was the first year she truly enjoyed the sparkler/fireworks.

Audrey also tried her hand at the party poppers.  The strings were a bit hard for her to pull so I had to help.

Addison was not a big fan of either.  But she did love the streamers that came from the party poppers.  The poppers were too loud and the sparklers too "scaredy fire" (as Addison said).  So after a few minutes of enduring that entertainment, she chose to go inside and watch her "sing-a-long" video.

It was such a fun, perfect day for us.  And while we were having fun, we were also remembering and thankful for the men and women who have fought to provide us with that freedom and independence.