Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Audrey's First Fish

Tuesday, March 23 Audrey and her daddy went fishing. And she caught her first fish! :) She reeled it in and everything. As you can tell, she wasn't even scared to hold it. My true little country girl.

That girl loves to fish with her daddy. Now the actual "fishing" lasts about 5 minutes. But she loves casting her Dora fishing pole, throwing rocks into the water, and playing in the dirt. Above all though, she loves the time and attention she gets from her Daddy.

I'm not sure who was more proud of that first fish...Audrey or her Daddy! Of course, her mommy was quite proud too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nana's Birthday

This past Saturday our family of four went to meet Grammy, Grandaddy, Nana and Pawpaw in Alabaster (the halfway point between us and them) to celebrate Nana's 81st birthday. We had a wonderful lunch at Longhorn and tried to stuff some birthday cake in our already stuffed bellies. Nana and Audrey enjoyed the "princess" decor that Grammy brought for us to celebrate with. Plus, everyone got to spend some time loving on Audrey and Addison. :) We all had a wonderful time.

Audrey really enjoyed the cake...especially the icing. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Addison- 1 month

March 15, 2010-

Addison is 1 month old.

I can't believe it has already been a month! Time sure does fly. I learned this with Audrey...but it seems to be going even faster now. Addison is such a sweet baby. She is usually very laid back. However, when she gets mad, she lets you know with a healthy set of lungs! We are so in love with this precious baby!

A few things about Addison that I want to remember:

* You are now wearing size 1 diapers.
* You nurse like a champ.
* You now weigh 10 lbs 8 oz. A gain of 3 pounds since birth!
* You are now 21.5 inches long.
* You nap wonderfully during the day, but refuse to go to sleep when it is bedtime. Once you finally get to sleep at night, you sleep pretty well.
* You HATE tummy time.
* You tolerate your big sister treating you like her very own babydoll really well.
* You like bathtime and don't mind your clothes or diaper being changed.
* You rarely cry, only when you are really hungry, your tummy hurts, or when it is bedtime.
* You get the hiccups many times a day!
* You have lost most of your hair on the very top of your head but have a good bit all a little old man :)
* You can no longer wear newborn clothes...we are into the 0-3 months clothes.
* You love to snuggle.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Visit

This past Saturday, we enjoyed a visit from my mom (aka Grammy), Nana, and Pawpaw. They came to our house to see the girls and get some loving from them. Audrey entertained all of us the whole time and Addison received a lot of snuggles and kisses. We had such a wonderful visit.

Audrey, Pawpaw and Addison

Addison, Grammy and Audrey

Audrey, Pawpaw, Grammy, Nana, and Addison

Audrey and Nana

Grammy and Audrey

Nana and Addison

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tummy Time-Sister Time

Daily, Addison is supposed to have some tummy time. Well, she isn't a big fan of her tummy time, so big sister Audrey gets on the floor with her to "entertain" her. I couldn't resist this photo the other day while Audrey was laying beside Addison talking to her. It also made tears come to my eyes to see how big my lovebug (Audrey) was getting. It is very evident when I see those two side-by-side.

I am so in love with these two girls!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Sweeties

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you...

Yes, she found her thumb during this photoshoot...but she doesn't usually suck her thumb. It was just too cute.

My Aunt Carolyn made this dress for Addison. Isn't it the most beautiful dress you have ever seen! The details are amazing. And it looks just perfect on her. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Addison's First Bath and Audrey-Our Big Helper

Addison finally got to have her first "real" bath. Surprisingly, she liked it. She just laid there and enjoyed it. She did cry when I took her out of the tub and again when I put lotion on her. So far she seems to be like her big sister in the aspect that they both loved their baths...and hate lotion. :)

Audrey has been such a fantastic helper. She is always prepared for a diaper change bringing me a diaper and wipes. Not only does she help out with Addison, but she helps her Daddy with his little "projects" as well. He is training her early :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Addison 2 weeks old

Notice: As you can tell I am quite behind on posting. I will post as I can, but I have come to realize that any moment that I can get both girls down sleeping isn't the time to be on the computer...but a time for me to catch up on some much needed sleep. haha. So I will do my best to get these posts up...just be patient with me please :)

We took Addison for her 2 week checkup on March 2. This girl is growing like a weed. She weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces (a gain of nearly a pound since birth) and was 21 inches long. As for the length (she was "19 inches" at birth) I think the birth length was a little off. Corey said that they didn't really stretch her out before measuring so I think she was a little longer that the 19 inches.

Anyway, she is growing well and you can't even tell she was jaundice.

She is such a good baby. She sleeps pretty good (Geez- I hope I am not jinxing myself) and hardly ever cries. However, she does prove that she has a nice set of lungs when she does cry. Typically we hear a cry when she is hungry, wet or when big sister tries to "help" just a little too much. ;)