Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Somehow, this summer has zoomed by in a flash and today we found ourselves preparing for another year of preschool.

This year, Audrey is beginning a new class (at the same school she attended last year) where she will be loved on by new teachers and make new friends- and renew relationships with old friends.

Here is Audrey just before we left for school this morning. Doesn't she look so growny??

I was a bit concerned about this day because the first 2 months of preschool last year were TOUGH! Audrey cried every day.

Today, she did GREAT! No tears at all--at least from her, I shed my share of tears, but only after I left the girls (you know, I had to be strong for them).

Audrey entered her classroom and immediately found a few of her friends from last year. She began to play away with no worries that I was about to leave.

This is Audrey with her two teachers. There is certainly happiness on her face :)

Audrey was all smiles when I picked her up. She had a fabulous day. Already, she is reminding me what she has to do to get ready for the next day at school.

Also, today marked the beginning of preschool for Addison. She is attending the same school as Audrey. And I was just certain that she would have a meltdown this morning. She is having some serious separation anxiety issues, so I was worried.

Can you tell that she is such a little ham???

This photo is evidence that she really didn't care that I left her. Addison didn't even fuss. However, I'm not sure that she knew that I was leaving...she just knew that she was having fun.

I'm hoping that when I leave her Thursday, she will do just as well as she did today.

Addison's teacher said that she did fine and didn't fuss until it was almost time to go home. That seemed it was just because she was tired.

I can't believe my girls are old enough for preschool. I'm trying to enjoy every "first", cherish the "in betweens" and hold on tightly to every "last".

First Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday, Audrey and Addison had their first visits to the dentist.

Audrey was a little nervous, but the dental hygienist was FANTASTIC. She took her time and explained everything to Audrey really well. It helped calm Audrey down.

Audrey sat there like such a big girl while the hygienist cleaned her teeth then let the dentist take a look. Bless her little heart, she got her Mommy's genes where teeth are concerned, too. The dentist said she had a lot of crowding...so I'm fairly sure we will be visiting the orthodontist in the not-too-distant-future.

Addison, on the other hand, was NOT a happy camper about those folks messing with her mouth. Therefore, I have no photo of her with the dentist or inside the office. Once I got her calmed down and entertained with her new toys, she let me take a photo outside. It was the best I could do.

Addison, unlike her big sister, has plenty of room in that mouth of hers. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Singing Sensation

Addison is such a character. This link will take you to her "performance".


She is singing the song from The Little Mermaid. You can hear her keep singing the word "sea" over and over again. I can't help but laugh each time I watch this.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shoes are Exciting!

Today, I took Audrey to the dance studio's open house. Today, she got fitted for her ballet and tap shoes. This is one VERY excited little girl. I certainly hope that she likes dance class as much as she thinks she will. I can't wait to see her perform. Now, that should be very interesting :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sand and Sun

A couple of weeks ago Audrey, Addison and I had the opportunity to be beach bums with my mom, her best friend and her best friends grandchildren. I jumped at the opportunity thinking what could be more fun that some girl time at the beach.

Well, I'm not the biggest beach fan. Don't get me wrong, I do like to go, but not when it is 100 degrees outside and thousands of folks all around. I prefer to go in the "off" season. But I figured this would be fun.

Miss Audrey had the time of her life. She spent hours splashing in the water, jumping waves and building sand castles. She didn't have a care in the world. (Wasn't it fun back in those days?!)

Addison, on the other hand, was NOT a happy camper the ENTIRE time. She was scared of the water, wouldn't play in the sand (which is very uncharacteristic of her) and wouldn't let anyone hold her but me. Which means that this Mommy had VERY little play/relaxing time.

About the only time Addison was content was the few minutes she chowed down on cheese puffs.

As you can tell, Audrey had enough fun for all of us :)

I finally coaxed Addison to play a little in the sand for a few minutes.

...so I could take a few pictures of my little beach bums.

"Look at that shell....Hey, I've got sand on my hiney!!"

Audrey was getting some water so she could work on her sand castles.

Addison finally snoozed for a few mintues...since she didn't sleep hardly any each night :(

There's nothing like a sandy paci and blankie.

Most of these photos were taken in about a 5 minute time span. The rest of the time I was holding a cranky little girl. After a little time at the beach, I finally gave up and took Addison back to the condo while Grammy and Audrey stayed and played. Then I came back to get them a little later.

The fun didn't end there, on the way home Addison got sick with what seemed some sort of virus and that lasted for 3 days before so kindly sharing those cooties with Audrey.

A trip I won't forget.

I'm hoping that our next venture to the beach will be a little more pleasant, so that ALL of us may enjoy ourselves.