Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July

For the July 4th weekend, Audrey and I went down to spend a little time with my family. We had fun swimming with our cousins Jeanetta and Bela (or Baywa- as Audrey calls her) and Grammy and Grandaddy. Audrey and Bela spent a lot of time playing together. Audrey really adores her and Bela is so sweet to AK.

Bela, Audrey and Keeley had fun playing in the sandbox.

My dad cooked a delicious meal. The entire family (minus my brother) had a picnic near the pool. (and in the photo below Granddaddy is feeding Audrey chocolate cake and ice cream...can we say spoiled rotten?)

Later that evening, we took Audrey over to Jeanetta & Bela (and Glenn)'s house to watch the fireworks with them and Aunt Carolyn. Audrey thought they were really facinating until the end when they set off the really loud ones.

We had a delightful time.

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Nancy said...

aw,so glad ya'll had such fun!