Sunday, January 10, 2010

Build-a-Bear Trip

While we were visiting family during the Christmas holidays, Aunt Carolyn wanted to take Audrey to Build-a-Bear.

Bela (our cousin) came along to show us what we were to do there. She is apparently a "pro" at that stuff. Audrey adores Bela so it made it that much more fun for her.

When we arrived Audrey got to pick out her animal. That was quite a task since she was overwhelmed by everything in there.

Then she did the "monkey see, monkey do" thing. Everything that Bela did, Audrey followed. It was so adorable.
After putting in the heart and stuffing then "fluffing" her kitten, Audrey picked out a cute little "Tinkerbell" dress for it. Grammy also bought the kitten some "pajamas" to wear at night :)

Bela and Audrey "fluffing" the pets.

Once we had the stuffed animals finished, complete with their very own birth certificate, we all got cookies from the cookie company and watched all the ice skaters at the rink.

Audrey kept asking to go skating. She couldn't quite understand why her 8 month pregnant mommy wouldn't go. She was convinced that "those kids were skating at the North Pole". That is all she talked about for days. I guess there will be an ice skating trip in my future (you know...after Addison arrives!)

What wonderful memories were made that day!


Nancy said...

how cute! Noah and Ian made one for Elle and had such fun doing so :) much love to you this cold, blustery day!!!

T. Brodie said...

Is that the Bela I think it is? If so, she's in my class! A doll!!!