Friday, January 18, 2013


Here in the South seeing snow is a very rare occurrence, so when the white stuff begins to fall you have to make the most of the short time it is here. Yesterday, we did just that!
Audrey catching snow.

Addison tasting snowflakes.

Corey, Audrey and Addison working on their snowwoman.

What snowwoman is complete without a tiara?
The girls are so proud of their snowwoman.
Let the snowball fight begin!! 
Lookout! Audrey is armed!
Addison on the attack!
We even got our neighbor, Mr. Don, in on the action. 
Time for some redneck sledding.  As I said, we rarely have snow, so sleds aren't common possessions in this neck of the we improvised and used a baby pool.  Worked like a charm.

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