Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun with Grammy and Granddaddy

On Monday and Tuesday, Audrey received TONS of spoiling. My mom and dad (aka- Grammy and Granddaddy) came up to keep Audrey and give a little lovin'. It was such a blessing because I had work to complete and Corey is trying to finish one of the houses he is building. THANKS A MILLION GRAMMY AND GRANDDADDY!!!

Audrey of course loved every minute of it. They took her to Woods and Water where she ran up and down the aisles pointing, screaming and laughing at all the mounted animals. That girl loves her some animals, now. They also spent a lot of time outside playing with our dog, Sadie, going for walks, riding in the wagon, and splashing in the pool. That little girl was exhausted (and I'm sure the grandparents were too). But they had many smiles and laughs.

Monday night we enjoyed a dinner at Santa Fe Steakhouse (mmm-good!). The fellowship was good for me as well. I do miss being close to them and sad that Audrey doesn't get to see them all the time. We get together as much as possible...but we all know how the busy schedules are.

Here are a few pictures of the fun times (and yes- my little country girl is running around in just a diaper)---Heck- it's hot in July in Alabama- give a girl a break!

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