Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miracle in the Making

I have been following this lady's blog for several weeks now. She has 3 children under 3 1/3 yrs. old (yep, she's already my hero) and is expecting her 4th baby, Stellan. A few weeks ago doctors found that Stellan has a severe heart condition and at that point the mother was told he would not even survive until delivery. Well, God is working a miracle in this life. Please hop on over to her blog and read this amazing story . Send her lots of love and prayers. She and Baby Stellan still need them. A picture of this family is found on the right side of my page. Just scroll down a little and if you click there it will take you to her blog. Or you can go to the address below. I just get chills reading her blog everyday---What a MIGHTY God we serve!

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Diana said...

Yes, we certainly do serve a mighty God! Thanks for the reminder :) I just love miracles!