Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drum Roll, Please.....

I recieved my 1st blog award...Thank you Cassandra!!!! Cassandra and I have known each other (actually in person) for a while. Her hubby and sister-in-law were friends of mine growing up. I don't get to see her much, but love to keep up with her family (which includes 2 so adorable boys) through her blog.

And so in order to obey the "rules" so I can so gratefully accept this award:

I have to mention the blog & who gave it to me (see above). Tell 6 things you value & 6 things you do not value. Then give the award to 6 other people!

6 things I value...

*My Lord
*My Husband-He is the best husband, friend and father to our little girl.
*My Precious Daughter- she is my heart. I fall in love with her all over each morning.
*My Friends/Family- I have so many wonderful friends/family. No matter how much or little we talk, they are always there for me.
*My Freedom-we are so blessed- in spite of what the news says
*Children- They are precious in His they should be in ours. They are so pure, simple, loving and forgiving...wouldn't it be nice if everyone could remain that way.

6 things I don't value...
*Abuse (of any kind)
*Sleazy clothes for these little children (actually for all people)
*Unsympathetic people
*Political campaign ads---Aren't you sick of hearing them bad-mouth each other!

Now to pass the award along to 6 people...

Nancy- She is my forever friend, mentor, "adopted" mom, and amazing teacher. I've learned so much from her. Drop by and give her some love.

Diana- my "Partner in Crime" as they call us at work.

Jenny- Who happens to be Nancy's daughter and a dear friend of mine. You've got to visit her just to check out those precious boys.

Suz- I don't know her in real life, but she's gotta be the coolest mom!

Suzanne- Her hubby and I went to school together. Their daughter is Audrey's age- and she is just adorable. Now hop on over there and see what is the latest in their life.

So I just picked 5, but hopefully Cassandra will still allow me to accept the award.

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