Thursday, October 30, 2008

Swiper...No Swiping

Anyone who's watched Dora will know exactly what I am referring to. My little one has become quite the "Swiper". Swiper (on Dora) is a little fox who likes to take things that belong to other people without permission. Above you will find my little "Swiper". Here she is holding exhibit A- Mommy's coke. While I went into my room yesterday, Someone climbed up on the couch and swiped my drink. I could hear the pitter-patter of little feet along with a "slish-slosh-slish-slosh". As I rounded the corner I came face to face with this. Audrey was sipping from my straw and saying "mmmmmmm". I asked her if she was drinking Mommy's drink, and she so politely replied "mmmmmm". When asked if she was supposed to be drinking Mommy's drink she gave this sweet innocent smile then took another swig and said "mmmmmm" again.

I, of course, had to grab the camera for this shot before I put a damper on her fun and took the cup away. I didn't exactly want her hyped up on Coke.

And the photos below...well more proof of that innocent/mischievous looks.


Jenny said...

Noah LOVES Swiper! Have you seen the video on our blog where I ask him what Swiper says? "Aw Man" is his favorite expression :)

Cassandra said...

TOO cute! What is little miss going to be for halloween?

Me said...

hey! maybe a dynamic duo one day?!