Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sprinkle, Sprinkle- Little Squirt

While shopping at Target the other day, Audrey saw this sprinkler and just HAD to have it. Of course she needed something fun to play in the water with, so in the cart it went. It was toasty outside today, so I decided to bring out the new sprinkler that Audrey had been asking to play with all week.

Now, I knew that Audrey didn’t like water spraying or being poured in her face. She makes that well known when I wash her hair. So, I was interested to see how she would react with water spraying everywhere. Well…she reacted exactly as I predicted---she hated it. I soon figured out that if I turned the water pressure down just so a little water would come out, she would play in it. Really she just enjoyed trying to drink it.

At least it provided fun, cool entertainment. Another bonus—I had a very tired toddler on my hands at bedtime—so there was no fussing

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Nancy said...

don't you just love wearing them out! ha ha
yes, send me a pic!!
lots of love and tight hugs,