Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack (and Jill) Went Up the Hill...for a Birthday Party

My best friend Anna's youngest child, Jack, had his 2nd birthday party the other day. Audrey was invited and she was 'over the moon' about being able to play with Jack and Will (Anna's oldest child).

Anna and her husband Eddie are in the final stages of building a BEAUTIFUL new house. I thought they were so clever with this birthday theme. The party had a dump truck theme. And they had a dump truck deliver a load of dirt to their new house for the kids to play in (and of course later they will use for landscaping). Now that is just smart!

As you can see the pile of dirt was a big hit! Audrey, my little tomboy, was the only girl there and enjoyed getting dirty just as much as the boys.

She really thought she was "on top of the world" when she was standing on top of this mound. If you will look closely, you can see the "sliding board" she created in the dirt. She would sit on her bottom and slide all the way down, climb back up, and do it all over again.

This is Jack and Audrey checking out the dirt pile together.

And Audrey "digging for treasures" as she said.

She had so much fun! You can see she was hot, dirty and exhausted at the end of the party...but has been asking to go back and play with Will and Jack ever since we left. What fun times with great friends! Of course, I enjoyed getting to spend some time with my best friend too!

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