Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Addison 2 weeks old

Notice: As you can tell I am quite behind on posting. I will post as I can, but I have come to realize that any moment that I can get both girls down sleeping isn't the time to be on the computer...but a time for me to catch up on some much needed sleep. haha. So I will do my best to get these posts up...just be patient with me please :)

We took Addison for her 2 week checkup on March 2. This girl is growing like a weed. She weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces (a gain of nearly a pound since birth) and was 21 inches long. As for the length (she was "19 inches" at birth) I think the birth length was a little off. Corey said that they didn't really stretch her out before measuring so I think she was a little longer that the 19 inches.

Anyway, she is growing well and you can't even tell she was jaundice.

She is such a good baby. She sleeps pretty good (Geez- I hope I am not jinxing myself) and hardly ever cries. However, she does prove that she has a nice set of lungs when she does cry. Typically we hear a cry when she is hungry, wet or when big sister tries to "help" just a little too much. ;)

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