Thursday, November 4, 2010

Playdate with Zoe Kate

My friend, Diana, had an engagement to attend the other day so her cutie-pie ZK came over to play with us for a while. She is such a good baby and the girls and I LOVE when she comes to stay with us for a while. It is so cute to watch the 3 of them playing together.

ZK and Addison see what all they can get into while Audrey is the little "mommy" to them. I just love watching the interaction.

Audrey giving ZK loving.

Audrey said she was "babysitting".

Audrey taking photos of the babies.

The red ball was "the" toy of the day. Both girls kept taking it away from each other. Not sure what was so interesting about "that" ball...especially since there were 5 more to choose from.

Now are those some guilty faces, or what????

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