Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day

(* The next few posts will be all out of order since I am playing catch-up after the crazy week we had)

Audrey had a Valentine party at her preschool. She had a great time picking out the valentines and goodies to hand out at school. My big girl even helped to fold them and put the stickers on them.

With a little assistance, she even wrote her name on each one.

On Valentine's Day morning, Corey and I gave the girls their little gifts. We don't give candy to them for Valentine's Day. We try to find something small and useful that they can enjoy.

They had fun opening cards from Mommy and Daddy. Both girls had an added bonus too, Grammy sent cards with stickers included.

Addison got a book on farm animals. She loves to look at books!

Audrey got a travel size Magna-doodle. Those are wonderful for car rides, especially lengthy ones.

And a few days before, Grammy sent the girls Valentine PJs. They looked so adorable in them and loved wearing much that Audrey wasn't happy when I told her that they had to be washed :)

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~Mistee~ said...

LOVE the pics!! They are so cute in thier matching Vday pj's!!:-)