Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

We don't typically do the "partying" thing on the 4th of July. Mostly we keep things low key and this year was no different. Typically, Corey is working so this was the first time since I can't remember when that Corey was off on a holiday. Our neighbors invited us over to eat a delicious meal with them and their family. We enjoyed visiting with them and the kids loved playing with their grandkids.

After our wonderful meal, the kids played outside and shot a few fireworks.

Audrey decorated these strawberries to take and share with everyone. I saw them in a magazine and thought they were so cute. She enjoyed making them.

The girls looked so cute, I couldn't resist taking their picture.

Much to my dismay, my girls do NOT like to have their picture taken. It is such a pain to try to photograph them. Their daddy isn't too happy to be photographed either. (sigh) That is not a good thing for a Mommy that LOVES taking photos. I've tried to "not want to" take photos of them lately...but it just doesn't work. It makes me so sad.

So with LOTS of bribes, begging and pleading...I got a few cute ones.

Addison- 16 months old

Audrey- 4 years old

As you can tell... 3 people despising this photo taking business...

And all I wanted was just 1 photo of me and the girls, since I am hardly ever in a photo. Is that too much to ask??? At least I got this much!

That evening, Corey lit a few sparklers and Roman candles for the girls see. Audrey enjoyed it...Addison HATED it. She cried even at the sparklers so I had to take her back inside. :(

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