Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best Buddies

Well, they may not be "BEST" buddies, yet, but they are learning to love each other. Addison is finally warming up to Boots. I guess it helps when he allows them to do pretty much anything to him. Even cover him up with sand.

He was even quite the hero the other day, too. We have a steep hill behind our house. Addison got a little too far out in the backyard and began tumbling down the hill. I couldn't reach her fast enough but Boots ran down the hill quickly and grabbed her shirt with his mouth to stop her. Thank goodness!! Had she tumbled much farther, she probably would've suffered more serious injuries other than the few bumps and scrapes she got.

Now if we could just get Boots to stop jumping and chewing on everything!

1 comment:

~Mistee~ said...

So glad she is tolerating him now!! :)