Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sand and Sun

A couple of weeks ago Audrey, Addison and I had the opportunity to be beach bums with my mom, her best friend and her best friends grandchildren. I jumped at the opportunity thinking what could be more fun that some girl time at the beach.

Well, I'm not the biggest beach fan. Don't get me wrong, I do like to go, but not when it is 100 degrees outside and thousands of folks all around. I prefer to go in the "off" season. But I figured this would be fun.

Miss Audrey had the time of her life. She spent hours splashing in the water, jumping waves and building sand castles. She didn't have a care in the world. (Wasn't it fun back in those days?!)

Addison, on the other hand, was NOT a happy camper the ENTIRE time. She was scared of the water, wouldn't play in the sand (which is very uncharacteristic of her) and wouldn't let anyone hold her but me. Which means that this Mommy had VERY little play/relaxing time.

About the only time Addison was content was the few minutes she chowed down on cheese puffs.

As you can tell, Audrey had enough fun for all of us :)

I finally coaxed Addison to play a little in the sand for a few minutes.

...so I could take a few pictures of my little beach bums.

"Look at that shell....Hey, I've got sand on my hiney!!"

Audrey was getting some water so she could work on her sand castles.

Addison finally snoozed for a few mintues...since she didn't sleep hardly any each night :(

There's nothing like a sandy paci and blankie.

Most of these photos were taken in about a 5 minute time span. The rest of the time I was holding a cranky little girl. After a little time at the beach, I finally gave up and took Addison back to the condo while Grammy and Audrey stayed and played. Then I came back to get them a little later.

The fun didn't end there, on the way home Addison got sick with what seemed some sort of virus and that lasted for 3 days before so kindly sharing those cooties with Audrey.

A trip I won't forget.

I'm hoping that our next venture to the beach will be a little more pleasant, so that ALL of us may enjoy ourselves.

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~Mistee~ said...

We have been contemplating a beach trip but I'm scared the babe will not react well ninthimk we will hold off another year. So sorry it wasnt relaxing. :(. Next year will be better I bet!!!