Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Special Visit

A few weeks ago, our Nana was admitted to the hospital. She was in a lot of pain and having quite a few complications.

This situation would've been difficult no matter what the circumstances were, but this hospital stay was very emotional for me and the rest of my family members.

That is because 11 months ago, we walked this same road with my Pawpaw, and we never got to bring him back home.

So, this was full of raw emotions for us. It seemed like deja vu. We were listening to those same words, the same hospital sounds, the same worries all over again.

This year, 2011, has been pretty crappy for a number of reasons. Because of this year, it has made me extremely aware of how fragile life is. How we are never guaranteed another minute. How every ordinary moment should be etched in our heart and mind so they will be full of good things when the time comes that you only have those memories left.

So it was this moment that put tears in my eyes. And I etched this scene in my heart and mind, because one day I'm going to want to remember it.

That is my Nana with my girls.

Nana was released from the hospital and admitted to a local nursing home for some therapy and more recovery time. Fortunately, right now, she is showing some improvement and gaining strength. I am being optimistic that she will at least be able to come back home one day soon.

Back to this photo...These two cuties loved visiting with Nana. While we were down at my mom's we were able to visit with Nana quite a bit. Audrey and Addison were the best dose of medicine anyone could've prescribed for Nana. She has been very down and depressed and wouldn't eat much. With these two monkeys around, Nana was smiling and talking and even ate well while they were there. Of course, it probably helped that they were snacking off of her food tray too. Haha! I think that encouraged her to eat much more than her usual.

What special moments we shared! I'm praying that we will have many opportunities for moments such as this.

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~Mistee~ said...

What a sweet pic!! So glad she's doing better!!