Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Life in Photos

Good grief! I feel like I have been running crazy these last few weeks. I'm not sure why I have such a hard time finding a few minutes to blog lately, but I go non-stop and then before I know it, it is after midnight and I'm exhausted. Between chasing the girls and keeping them entertained and out of trouble, keeping up with cleaning, laundry, and cooking, dance class, preschool, my "paying" job responsibilities and then throw in a few fun trips to the park or museum..."free" time is just hard to come by. So here are a few photos from our life the past few days (most are poor quality because they are from my cell phone, but at least they capture the moment!)

Us girls had a manicure/pedicure day and they enjoyed getting their nails done by mommy.

Addison took the instructions to "sit very still" very seriously. She didn't even want to move for the picture.
This little dudette loves her "glagas" (aka- glasses). She looks adorable even if they are upside down.
Corey bought a huge pile of duck and goose decoys...the girls think they gained new pets. Haha!
For some reason on this particular day, these plastic plates brought a couple of hours of quiet entertainment for those two. Such imaginations!

We love our Children's Hands-On Museum. Audrey's favorite part is dressing up in the old clothes. I think she looks adorable here, but way too grown up!
A day at the park...
Dressed up for Farm Day at preschool.
The view from my back porch on this beautiful day.
How is it that this sweet girl has grown up so quickly??
The weather has been glorious! So we have taken advantage of it by enjoying many picnics.
Addison LOVES to have her back tickled. Every night she will climb up in our lap, raise her shirt and say "Tickle, back, pwease". You can't refuse that!

This girl loves some Fun Dip!
This is a typical night at our house. Both girls snuggled up with their daddy. They love when he's home so they can get lots of playtime and snuggling with him.
Addison pretending to be "Mrs. Brandi" and give Snow White a haircut.
Snuggling with my baby girl.

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