Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Country Girls

These two little girls LOVE the farm!
When we mention going to Grammy and Grandaddy's house, they automatically begin planning what they will do that weekend on the farm.
They enjoy riding on the tractor with Grandaddy to put out hay. And riding on the "grammy-wagon" to put out feed is also a highlight.
The girls would ride around all day on the "grammy-wagon" looking at the cows and often times you can hear Addison singing to them. On a good day, when the girls are calm and quiet, they can pet a few of the cows. Audrey and Addison have learned which ones will allow them to get close.
Since the farm is so precious to the girls and the rest of my family, it only seemed right to take them out for a photoshoot while we were there recently.
I was thrilled with some of the shots that I captured.
Seeing these two sweet girls smile and enjoy the farm makes me miss my Pawpaw even more. I know he would be so happy and proud that his "little messes" love the farm as much as he did. I wish he was here to witness their happiness.

Audrey is learning so much about the animals around the farm. She doesn't mind getting right in on all the action. Opening and closing the pasture gates have become "her job". She is so proud of herself since she can help in that way.

Addison is completely fascinated with the cows. She talks about them, sings about them, and "moos" to them daily...even if we aren't at the farm! This girl LOVES those cows. When she sees her boots, she automatically starts talking about Grammy's house and the cows at the farm.

I love that my girls enjoy the farm so much. It makes me smile to know that we are making memories on the farm much like the memories I have growing up there.

Have you ever seen two cuter cowgirls???

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