Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goodbye, Boots

After a year of fun and laughter and chewed up toys and wreaking havoc on everything and everybody within our 5 acre lot, we said goodbye to our pet, Boots.

 Oh, he was a cute one, that Boots!  He had those innocent eyes that begged for forgiveness after he chewed up yet another toy/shoe/bucket/broom/tire/plant... for the 587th time that week.

The girls loved the idea of having him around, but didn't want to play much with him because he would jump and knock them down or chew on their legs or nip at their hair.  But on the other hand he would just lay there while the girls dumped sand and water on him or sat on him. 

We could no longer have grass or plants or, well....anything outside unless he was in his kennel or had his muzzle on.

But, he was cute.  And he did save Addison from taking a terrible fall down our big hill.  And saved me from a snake.  That would be ALMOST enough to keep him, but we really wanted to have riding toys and our vehicles outside without worrying about him chewing the tires off.

As adorable as he is, he was just too rowdy for 2 petite little girls.

So, we found a new home for him.  A 15-year-old boy with lots of energy who fell in love with Boots.  They were a match made in heaven.

Now, Boots is so very happy at his new home and things are much more peaceful at my house.  Sadie (our 13-year-old lab) is so thankful to get to lay around all day without little Boots harassing her. 

We do miss Bootsie at times.  But we have assured the girls that we will, one day, get them another doggie that is hopefully much less rambunctious and isn't quite as fond of chewing up everything.

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