Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beautiful Ballerinas

Last week Audrey and Addison began dance lessons.  This is the second year that Audrey has taken dance.  Last year she loved it and did really well.  She couldn't wait for dance to start back this year.
This was Addison's first day of dance.  Last year she would cry every time Audrey had class because she wanted to go in and dance, too.  I knew that since she was old enough this year (barely) that I had to put her in dance, as well.  I can't even describe how excited this child was about classes beginning.  That is all she talked about since the day we got her ballet and tap shoes. 
(sorry about the terrible quality of the photos...had to resort to the camera on my phone.)
Miss Molly Brooke is their teacher.  They are in different classes because of age differences, but the same teacher instructs both classes.  Miss Molly Brooke is FABULOUS with the kids.
Addison went right into her class without ever looking back.  She moved and grooved the entire time trying to imitate everything her teacher did.  I don't think the smile ever left her face.

Audrey was excited too!  She couldn't wait to get back to see Miss Molly Brooke (that was her teacher last year, too).  She was much more confident going into class this time because she knew what to expect.  Her friend from last year, Olivia, was back in class with her.  She looked beautiful as she practiced her dance elements and did great following directions. 
I was so proud of both of these cutie pies!  I'm glad that they both have my love of dance.  Maybe there will be many more years of dance in store for them both. 


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