Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013


It's Easter time!!!
The girls had so much fun dying Easter eggs.  I was pretty proud of myself. This year I only cracked 2 during the boiling process.  Maybe by the time they graduate high school, I will have learned how to boil eggs correctly! LOL!
They were very proud of their eggs!
The Easter Bunny made a stop by our house!!
And the girls were thrilled with their goodies! girls are addicted to them, just like their mama!
Our family on Easter.
Grammy and Grandaddy with Audrey and Addison.
Papa Kenny (Corey's dad) and Ms. Marianne.
Our families came over for Easter lunch and fun egg hunts with the girls.
Audrey found a golden egg!
Addison finds some eggs!
"Look what I found!!"
Audrey found so many she had to have 2 baskets to carry them all!

Collecting all the loot from inside the eggs.  Lots of candy and money!

Now for a little playtime...
Addison playing catch with Papa Kenny.
Swinging with Ms. Marianne.
We had such a fun time!  I always look forward to our Easter day with our families.  The weather was perfect, so that was an added bonus to the day.

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