Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beach Trip ~ Part 2

Monday: After the doctor visit and getting medicine, we had lunch then Addison and I laid down so I could try to get her to nap.  Audrey and Corey went out to do a little "fishing" and sightseeing.
I was so glad that Addison slept for almost 4 hours.  When she woke up she was feeling a little better and begged to go to the beach.  Although she wasn't feeling 100% better we took her down to play for a little while.  I was so happy to see that smile!

Audrey had a grand time making sand castles.

Corey helped with the sand castle construction.
We were happy to see a little sun peek out.
We didn't stay out at the beach long since Little Bit was still a little puny, but the girls got enough playtime in to be happy.
Tuesday Morning: Addison woke up smiling and without fever. Hallelujah!  So glad we went ahead and got meds.  So we packed our beach bag and spent the morning at the beach building sand castles and splashing in the waves (a little).  The current was pretty rough.

At lunchtime, we came back inside for lunch and got cleaned up for a dolphin cruise.
We all had a blast!  I was so scared about getting sea sick, but I did ok.

Addison was being silly and making faces at herself in Corey's sunglasses.

The dolphins were really showing off for us!

Lots of smiles from these happy girls!

On our way back in, the crew let the kids on the boat "fish" in the live well where they had stocked some small fish.  All the kids had such fun!

After enjoying our dolphin cruise we went to eat some yummy seafood at Bubba's.

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