Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zoo Trip

Last weekend, we took a family trip to the zoo. Corey didn't get to attend because of his work schedule, but everyone else was in attendance. Audrey was old enough to enjoy running around (notice the "puppy backpack" which serves as our "leash". She loves it and I don't have to worry about her running off (and that Miss Busy-body will do in a heartbeat).

Audrey can't say the names of most of the animals but she can identify them by pointing them out in the books that we read to her. So, on this trip to the zoo she was facinated to see them in real life. She couldn't quite understand why she couldn't pet them though.

The weather was just perfect, and the fellowship, sweet.

Nana and Audrey

Keith (my brother), Me, PawPaw, Keeley (my cuz), Brantley (my cuz) and Nana.

Keeley and Nana

Uncle Jim, PawPaw, Aunt Carol

Mommy/Daughter time

The family~


Me said...

I saw these on your family site and they are so good!!!

Elise said...

It's an amazing trip to zoo…. & a nice idea for me also to plan a trip.