Monday, January 19, 2009

Calling All Moms...

...and Dad's too if you have some suggestions.

It's about that know, potty training time. Audrey is 20 months old and I figure it is time to start trying. A while back she started showing limited interest, so I purchased her a "pretty pink throne" (aka-potty). She likes to sit on it- with clothes on- for VERY short periods of time. She really hasn't been showing any desire and she is such a busy-body that she doesn't want to sit still long.

I've read 5,328 books and articles (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little...but it feels like that many) and each one says something different. So, I am calling out to all of you experienced parents in this area. Do any of you have some helpful hints/tips for me to consider when we take on this task full speed? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Jenny said...

Wish I could help...we had to resort to torture with Ian {not really but it felt that way}. We're entering "potty training boot camp" with Noah in February. Good luck!

Nancy said...

the comments can get comical, actually I do not remember Jenny being difficult at all but our granddaughter Alaina is 37 months old and there are still days when she gives her mother fits!! They were here two nights and I don't think Alaina had any accidents but then, she wore pull ups all the time ;)
Good Luck!!!