Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Slumber

Is there anything sweeter than a baby sleeping? Really! Ok. well maybe when that baby comes up to me just to give a big hug or kiss. And maybe when she so innocently says "uv yew" (translation- "love you"). All those things melt my heart. But just to watch her sleep. (*sigh*) Now a days, the "sweet slumber" means something a little different from when she was a newborn. Yes, those sweet, slow puffs of breath and the warmth still bring me peace and gratitude, but you know...back in the day when sleep deprivation was a common term around this house.
She was so sickly all the time, so we spent many, many, MANY nights (basically the first 6 months of her life) sleeping each night in the recliner with her on my chest. Sleep for mommy??? I think not- at least without a crick in my neck and an aching back when it was time for work. But each night I made myself appreciate those snuggle moments- the warmth and sweet breaths- because I knew that the time was fleeting.
Now, she isn't all that interested in snoozing in my arms. So full of energy, she is always wanting to play. However, at night when she is tucked so snug in her crib, I creep in her room and lean into her crib just so I can gently stroke her soft hair, listen to those sweet puffs of breath and soak in that warmth and beauty. Because I know those moments are fleeting too. All the while, giving thanks for a wonderful, healthy miracle.
So were those sleepless nights worth it? YOU BET! And now that she doesn't sleep past 5:00 in the it worth it? YOU BET! I take advantage of those early mornings by putting her in my bed and spending a little while loving on her before work. (yes, i know, i know- I am spoiling her and conditioning her to wake up early---but you know what, that is okay because I am savoring every moment)

Is this not the sweetest, most peaceful thing you have seen in a long time??

(Note: No baby was disturbed during the taking of these photos. I'm not that cruel!! No, really I just learned from experience!)


Jenny said...

I love the picture of Audrey's hand holding on to the stuffed animal. So sweet!

Nancy said...

Okay, so I've cried for today :)
beautiful post, dearest friend~

Diana Kat said...

So sweet! I love that kid!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Miss Priss, I love the ones of you holding the arm of your stuffed precious. Proud of your Mom's work!! Love, Aunt Shirley