Friday, January 23, 2009

Family Fun Day

Last Saturday it was freezing cold(well you know--cold for us here in Alabama), we had been holed up in the house with an 'almost 2 year old' all week and we had to find something to do for fun. Welllll, I came up with this FABULOUS idea....go to the McWane Science center. After mentioning it to Corey, he (I think reluctantly) agrees that it indeed is a SUPERB plan. See, I am thinking a warm, fun place for AK to get her energy out and heck, we can even stop and have a delicious lunch together. YAY!

So, we load the car and off we go to Birmingham. Stopping by Applebee's for a great lunch....CHECK! Find the McWane center without getting too lost....CHECK! Get tickets once inside the nice warm building....CHECK! OH NO!!!! Only 5,000,000 other folks decided this was a GREAT idea too. But, we will make the best of it.

First stop, any activity that doesn't have 50 people huddled around it (oh and did I mention I don't like big crowds???) . Corey takes Audrey up to the activity that we find hidden in the corner...and out of the jungle of other folks, come 2 barbarian kids. You know the kind...not just the excited, energetic kind that are having fun...but the kind that are obnoxious, rude and down right mean as they attempt to push a little 1 1/2 year old girl out of the way so that can play while there oblivious mother looks on from a distance. Yeah---the kind of kid you just want to punch out??!! You know that kind! (note: I love, love, love kids...and can deal with a lot from them---but not being rude and mean!) In order to keep Corey from throwing them across the room (or so I wouldn't deck them in the nose---by the way---I did have my say to those heathens) we went to another level to see if there were possibly less people.

By now Audrey was quite intimidated by the crowd so she wanted to be carried most of the time. When we got to the floor with all the aquariums it was wonderful. Not many people and Audrey was thrilled!!! She loves fish so she just ran from one aquarium to another pointing out all the fish and laughing. That made it worth the trip.

She did enjoy a few other activities, but I did learn two important lessons...don't go on a Saturday--and don't go when everyone else thinks it is a GRAND idea, too.
Now of course some photos...


Suzanne said...

I hear you on wanting to get out of the house! The cold weather and the fact that Ella has had a cold has kept us in for the past week or so. I can't wait for warmer weather to start getting outside! Good idea to go to the McWayne Center...I've heard from friends that it's a lot of fun...just maybe not when all of AL is there. :-)

Nancy said...

it is a really neat place, but not when there are so many others :) and be careful, too, NOT to go when there are field trips there!!