Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break

This post and a few to follow are delayed a bit due to AK and myself getting sick over Spring Break...yay.

I was off work on Thursday and Friday (April 19-20) for Spring Break. I loaded up our luggage and Audrey to spend a few days with my parents.

When we arrived into town on Thursday, I made it priority to visit Nan while she was working at Cute as a Button (in downtown Prattville...if you haven't been---you must go! Such adorable children's clothing). This was the first time Nan and Audrey met in person. Nan, as I have mentioned in this post, is such a special lady to me. She taught me so much about being a teacher, but most importantly she taught me how to love life, love my family and to savor every moment I have with them. I am so thankful God placed her in my life. As you can see in the photos, Audrey came to love and adore her instantly. Nan- we love you and can't wait to get together again.
Me, Audrey and Nan
Nan, Grammy (my mom) and Audrey

Friday, Audrey, my mom, and I joined many other ladies to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. We had a wonderful time and were stuffed after a delicious meal at Olive Garden.
The Olive Garden staff singing to Nana

Nana celebrating her birthday
Cousin Keeley and Audrey snuggling
Saturday, I had a yard sale. The morning started off very chilly and my feet were soaked from the dew on the ground. Talk about miserable. Thank goodness it warmed up, my feet thawed out and many people stopped by to "shop". What a wonderful feeling it is to get rid of junk!! Audrey kept my mom entertained while my dad helped me at the yard sale. Thanks Dad! I'm sure he had 100 other things he would've rather done, but he was a trooper.
Audrey assisting with the yard sale clean-up.

Audrey- sitting down on the job
After the yard sale on Saturday, several members of our family gathered to celebrate my grandmother's birthday...again (this was her actual birthday)...she is a popular lady. Then we went to visit family that we rarely get to see. It was a great reunion.

When we got home from the festivities, I was exhausted. I should've realized that I was getting sick, but it wasn't until Sunday morning that I understood the full impact. My head was hurting so severly I couldn't even see straight. My mom and AK spent the day together playing on the farm while I slept the day away in the bed. Finally around 4 that afternoon I improved enough to drive us the 2 hours back home. Blah...pretty much sums up how I felt the next several days. On top of that, Audrey started not feeling well on Monday---something totally different from what I had. But, we survived and are much better now.

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Nancy said...

the pics are good, the company great, and I can't wait to see all of you again either! do send me a pic of Audrey Kay in her new outfits!!!!