Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bye, Bye Baby Bed

UPDATE****** Audrey did wonderful in her big girl bed last night. She actually stayed in it until this morning. I'm crossing my fingers that she continues this.

(sniffle, sniffle)

Audrey is now officially in her "big girl" toddler bed. We had to convert her crib to the toddler stage today following one of her little stubborn/strong-willed/terrible two incidents yesterday.

Yesterday evening she was being defiant when I told her to pick up her toys. After telling her a few more times, I knew discipline action was necessary. I spoke to her calmly, and firmly and sat her in her time-out place (a bench in her room). She immediately got up from the seat. Typically she will sit there as instructed. I placed her back in time-out reminding her that she must stay only to have her jump up once more.

In my efforts to outsmart this little munchkin, I picked her up and put her in the crib. (Please note that she is "pitching a hissy-fit" the entire time.) I exit the room to give her "time to think" only to turn around when I reach the kitchen to find her right behind me. That's right, she scaled that crib in no time flat.

This called for a little additional punishment...I'm all for time-out, but sometimes it takes a little more action.

Needless to say, the toys were picked up - by her, she was just fine and dandy mere minutes after the punishment, and I got a glimpse of what I am in store for with the "terrible twos". This of course demanded a call to Daddy who was at work at the time. Confession...I did laugh (when she wasn't looking) about all of it, 'cause it was humorous.

We decided that it was time to move to the toddler bed. I really don't want busted heads and broken bones as a result of the crib. (~big sigh~)

My baby is growing up........

Audrey's last time in her "crib".

Getting ready for bed in her "big girl" bed.

Now just check out that sassy face~ I can't help but chuckle!


Jenny said...

Good luck!

It was so tough for me when Noah went from his crib to his big boy bed. Ian stayed in the crib until just a few months before N was born, so it wasn't as bad. But with N, we had to move him to his toddler bed after I got whiplash from the car accident. I did NOT like having that be the deciding factor. We would have left him in there much longer.

I hope AK makes the transition well!

Nancy said...

I'm sorry, Heather, I had to giggle. And yep, I'd call that a sassy face :) but the terrible twos won't be so bad. Before you know it, she'll be sixteen. And wanting the keys to the car!