Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Fever

Sunday, Audrey and I got the spring fever and wanted to have a little fun outdoors. We loaded up and drove to Lowe's. There, we purchased a variety of flowers, potting soil and containers. Oh and of course the adorable Dora watering can and other Dora gardening accessories (you know that was mandatory).

Once home, my little helper had a wonderful time scooping the soil from the bag and depositing it in our containers, and on the porch and in the wagon, and of course on our dog Sadie's head. (needless to say, I ran out of potting soil before we finished) Audrey had a delightful time playing in the dirt and picking the blooms from the plants. I couldn't get her to understand that we don't pick those flowers.

When we finally got them planted (we still have some left because as I mentioned before...the potting soil disappeared) Audrey watered all the plants with her new Dora watering can.

And this is what a busy little gardener looks like after a hard day's work.

NOTE- ** for those of you who know me well, you can get up off the floor and stop laughing---yes, I do kill every plant I try to grow within 2 weeks, but I certainly had a blast spending time and laughing with AK. Plus- I figure Audrey will take care of the killing them part within -oh 4-5 days- since she continues to "pick" the flowers. Heck, maybe that is the part of it that I wasn't doing correctly. Just making memories :)

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Nancy said...

If you do nothing else in this life but raise your children to love Him, life, and laugher ~ you shall be a success. And I am so thankful you recognize this. I love you dearly, sweet one!