Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girl fun!

Audrey and I have had a few days of good, quality, girly time. On Sunday afternoon, Audrey and I decided to do a little cooking, so she made some cookies for us. She really did do a lot of the work. I helped her measure the ingredients, but she poured and mixed them together. Now my kitchen reflected her efforts too (no pictures of the evidence, sorry). But just to give you a visual...think 2 cups of oatmeal all over the counters and floor; milk splashed everywhere; cocoa powder on the cabinets, floor and our clothing...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!! And the cookies turned out delicious!

Audrey even got the pleasure of licking the spoons :)

This little lady is such a mess. She always keeps us laughing.

She loves lollipops, so on occasion she gets to have one. And this is the result!

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