Friday, December 18, 2009

Gatlinburg Trip 2009

Last weekend Corey and I took Audrey to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a quick little "family vacation" before Addison arrives. Audrey had been to Gatlinburg once before, but was too young then to really take it all in. This trip she was totally fascinated by everything.

Corey was so sweet and planned the entire trip. Therefore, I was able to relax and enjoy being with my family and watching Audrey.

When we first arrived, it was dark so we enjoyed riding through Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg viewing the Christmas lights. Audrey just kept saying- "Mommy, you see those lights?", "Daddy, Look at that". She was thrilled.

After we worked up an appetite, we stopped by a restaurant that I had never seen or heard of before. It was called the "Flying Horse". The place had an actual carousel inside. Once we finished our delicious dinner, Corey and I took turns riding on the carousel with Audrey.

The following morning we headed out to eat some delicious pancakes. We decided to walk since we were staying right in the middle of town. One place we wanted to eat at was packed and had a line all the way out the door. Since it was 25 degrees, we had a 2 year old, and I was 8 months pregnant---I decided waiting in that line was NOT worth it. So we began our trek for the next place.

Well, on the map it looked like a short distance...but after walking, and walking, and walking. I finally told Corey that I'd walked as far as I was going to and we would just have to eat right where we were. Fortunately, there was a little place just a few feet away that proved to have a wonderful breakfast. Not to mention this nearly completely frozen waterfall outside. See...I told you it was cold!!!

With our bellies full, we headed to the aquarium. Audrey is fascinated with fish, so she couldn't wait. She ran from one exhibit to the next talking non-stop. I'm really glad Corey was there to keep up with her. She was so you can tell in these next pictures.

Audrey was even brave enough to pet some of the critters they had on display there, including a sting ray. She says that was her favorite part.

(yes, I realize this is NOT a sting ray :))

As we were leaving the aquarium, there was a man standing on the sidewalk feeding these ducks. He was so kind to let Audrey throw out some of the food to them. She thought that was just wonderful.

Saturday evening, we went to see the Christmas production at Dixie Stampede. (If you haven't been---I absolutely recommend it---totally worth the money!!)
Audrey had never been there before. Once the show began, I don't think she blinked the whole time :). She was amazed. Her little mouth hung open in awe as she watched the show. I had as much fun watching her take it all in as I did watching the program. We would have to remind her to eat between events/scenes because she was just too entertained to eat while the action was taking place.

After the show, the riders brought their horses up to the side of the arena to allow the children to pet them.

We weren't quite ready to head back home, but Sunday morning rolled around and we had to depart. Before we went home, we took a drive through Cade's Cove. There were tons of turkey and deer that were out on this particular day. What a fantastic way to end our vacation!

I am already looking forward to our next trip back!


Regina and David said...

sounds like a fun trip! glad you all enjoyed it.

Jenny said...

FUN! So glad y'all got to get away!

Nancy said...

gotta love that cheezy smile AK wears :) ask 'em to smile and they show all their teeth! I am sooo glad ya'll were able to get away and that you love G'burg as much as Nan!!! We must get places up there!

Kasey said...

Such a great trip! I can't believe that picture of the waterfall, thats crazy! I love that picture of you and Audrey on the horse!