Sunday, June 20, 2010

Addison- 4 Months Old

Addison turned 4 months old this past week. So once again, I want to document all the things about her that I want to remember. Time is passing so quickly, I'm afraid I'll forget :(

Sweet Little Bit,

You are growing up so quickly, right before my eyes. It seems that each morning when I pick you up from your bed, you had a growth spurt over night. Some things I want my heart to remember about you at this age:

* are wearing size 2 diapers
* are wearing size 3-6 month clothes
* weigh 14 lbs. 7 oz.
* are 25 inches long
* always have a smile for me each morning when you wake up
* go to bed around 8:30-9:00 pm and sleep until 5:00 am, then you eat and go back to sleep until 8-9 am
* have found your voice, you squeal and "talk" all the time
* are quite the drama queen. You can turn those fusses and cries on and off so quickly. You will go from crying and having an all out fit to smiling in a moment when someone picks you up.
* are very aware of when mommy leaves the room and express your displeasure if I leave
* can sit up in your Bumbo seat and excersaucer very well. You enjoy spending time there (until you get bored, of course)
* love watching Dora with your big sister
* can roll from your belly to back and from back to belly. However, you roll easily from your back to belly then usually get "stuck" and get to mad to roll back the opposite direction
* think your daddy is so silly. He can just look at you and you smile
* giggle out loud when mommy "nibbles" on your belly when changing clothes or diapers
* do more whining like a puppy rather than crying...but you let us know frequently when you don't like something.
* are still a pretty content and laid back baby, but you are telling us more and more what you think :)
* grasps your toys and rattles and play with them
* have found your feet and love to hang on to them
* are fascinated with people's faces and try to grab anyone's nose or lips that are nearby.
* still love to grab mommy's hair
* put your little blankie up next to your face or over your face to go to sleep. Mommy has to take it out of your bed after you finally doze off

You are so special and such a blessing to our family. I am enjoying every moment that I get to love you, rock you, kiss on you and snuggle with you. You make my heart smile.


Regina and David said...

beautiful pictures. She is soo pretty!

Diana Kat said...

What a sweet baby! I never knew seeing a baby with spit bubbles could make me so happy until I had ZK. I love the first one, and the one where she is grinning the best. You have such a beautiful family :)