Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Trip to See Dora and her Friends

Corey and I took Audrey and Addison to see "Storytime Live" including Dora in Birmingham the other day. It was FABULOUS!!!! Audrey was attentive through the entire 2 hours of the show. Addison was even mesmerized by it until she fell asleep near the end.

As you can tell in the photo below (I got the one above and the photo below from Nickelodeon's website) the show had Dora, Boots and her Friends, Kilan and her buddies, the Backyardigans (my favorites :)) and Wonder Pets. The entire show was beautiful, the acting fantastic.

Corey took this shot before we went inside. That is the one thing I didn't like about the show, it didn't allow ANY photography at all inside the theater (not even before, during intermission, or after- poo!) If they even THOUGHT you were thinking about taking a picture (even just of your kid) it was "off with your head"! Despite that, we had a wonderful time!

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T. Brodie said...

They are both beautiful and getting so big! I know you are enjoying every minute of it!