Monday, September 13, 2010

Camo Cuties

I just love Fall. When I think of Fall, things like cooler days, colorful leaves, football games come to mind. And when you grow up in a family like means camo and hunting season.

Well these two cuties aren't quite old enough to follow Daddy out into the woods hunting just yet...but their kind, generous Aunt Carolyn saw these adorable camo outfits and bought them for the girls.

Now, how cute is this?!

Please notice the numerous fat rolls on Addison's cute little leg. Don't you just want to pinch those thighs? :)

The hat is compliments of Grammy and Granddaddy. Audrey has one too...but we couldn't locate it for this photoshoot. :(


Nancy said...

Those girls will have such fun growing up and sharing :)

Kasey said...

Sweet sisters!