Saturday, September 18, 2010


Living here in T-town is pretty rotten this time of year.  You pretty much put your life at risk to walk out of your house wearing orange and blue...but no matter the cost, we want to raise our girls right!  So we don them in these oh-so-cute Auburn dresses and let them be proud!  They will have to learn to be tough to put up with all the bullying and crazy comments from some of these people here!  But we figure they will learn bravery.  There are a few of us smart folks that live here, too. And we are proud to be Auburn Tigers!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

(Note: To our Alabama fan friends...we love you too :) )


Audrey has learned to say War Eagle and Go Auburn...she says it when ANY football game is on...not only Auburn.  She is such a good little cheerleader!


Nancy said...

aw :) that little one loves a camera! haha much love to the four of you!!

The Knight Family said...

I just LOVE their dresses. I lost out with my little man (his daddy is an Alabama fan), but I have high hopes for a little girl one day that I can put in orange and blue!

Nancy said...

I am planning to do a post on the little ones of the little ones I loved in second grade :) and would love to link this post from mine. Is it okay if I use a couple of these War Eagle photos? That's a sure sign of Fall :D

Heather said...

Nan, Of course you can link to my post :) I can't wait to read your post about your 2nd graders! Love you!