Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birmingham Zoo Trip

 A few weeks ago Corey and I took the girls to the Birmingham Zoo.  We had a wonderful time!

Here are the girls ready to go in.

Corey and Audrey riding the train.

Audrey posing as a lion.

Me and Addison on the train.

Addison was worn out about 3/4 of the way through, so she took a little cat nap. 
While Addison was napping, Audrey and I rode a few rounds on the carousel. 

Then we went to the butterfly garden.  Audrey wanted so badly for a butterfly to land on her pinky (like Fancy Nancy) so she sat very still and waited, and waited...and waited.

Finally, she went in search of one to land on her.

Next, she practiced a little rooster calling.  I'm thinking she might become a professional.  (Is there such a thing?? haha)

Just before we left, she had to play for a while at the splash pad.  

The day was filled with wonderful family moments and memories.  

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